Dominos is going to get sued again over this

this is one reason why i don’t let my drivers carry on deliveries … urder.kmov

So you would rather that your driver be unarmed and helpless in the middle of this robbery? What’s unfortunate here is that this driver will be fired from Domino’s for violating company policy by defending his life.

Yea paul i am with you on this one

Did you see where he was delivering at??? :?

I would carry 2 guns if i was delivering around those parts…LOL

if you listen it said that the suspect didn’t have a gun on him just a cell phone so the driver could get charged

man think about it, your in the gehtto, its dark, your trying to deliver a dam pizza, and two black guys attack the crap out of you. ( assuming black based on the video, not trying to be racist)

I am sure he was scared for his life. its hard to say with out being there, and it was a premeditated robbery. They ordered the pizza to rob the driver.

I dont think he will get charged.

violence can happen anywhere and I do NOT advocate carrying a gun, that being said my wife and I went around and around about one driver who insists he feels safer carring his gun. we both agreed to concent no incidents in 2 years

I rather fire a driver that defended himself than bury a driver any day.

Be carefull not to assume that CNN not mentioning a gun means that the kid wasn’t carrying a gun. In two different print articles I read, both robbers were carrying guns. Here’s a link to one where it is reported that an unfired gun was found at the scene and that the driver may have been fired upon. … enDocument

thanks Paul it always helps to get all the info well looks like he might be ok except for losing his job at dominos

CNN is definatly not known for giving “all the info” :lol:

I’m still undecided about packing heat in our delivery area . . . but I can certainly say that no amount of money in the driver till is worth fighting over. Give up the cash and drive away. OH! and make regular drops so your till is not over $25, or I may fire you anyway.

I’m assuming your calling it a ghetto because black people live there,the same reason your assuming the guys who did it were black?

I can see where the poster makes the assumption of race, considering they did not show any other race but AA…but, even though I’m not a moderator here (but I used to be for AOL, so I apologize that I am jumping into my former moderator uniform haha), I would like to toss up a friendly reminder that we should keep race out of the conversation, for all of our sakes (trust me…a simple observation can turn nasty quickly).

A driver carrying a gun was about to get robbed and killed one of the perpetrators. In my eyes, a clean case of self defense…even if the other person was “only carrying a cell phone” (and of course we have learned this wasn’t the case…the deceased did have a gun).

Cops have shot people who have used items to appear as a gun that weren’t…they were let off, too.

In my opinion, if you fake something to be a gun, you’d better be ready to stand up to the outcome of the reaction of posing the item as a gun.

It is a sick situation, but if they can prove the driver was threatened, they should let him go (meaning get off without criminal charges as well as keep his job). He’ll have enough to live with knowing he took the life of a young man.

That is punishment enough…whether it was justified or not.

That would be standing up to the natural and logical consequences of carrying a lethal weapon? Criminal charges or not, the store policies should be enforced. There should be a definite show of concern for the safety of the driver and debriefing to see if there is anything management can do to reduce liklihood of burlaries in future deliveries. I would spend lots of time reviewing the scenario and speaking with local police chief.

At the same time, I submit that if there is a company no-gun policy, or any other policy violated in this situation, then the outlined disciplinary action should follow.

It’s just a shame that the other suspect did not also receive justice!

i agree with you nick no money is worth a life but when you give up the money and shoot you anyway thats when it really sucks :x

Actually, getting fired from Domino’s might be the best thing that’s happened to him :).

Am I missing something here?
Do they not have the proverbial “red” zones. There are a few areas in my delivery area that are less than desirable.
I just don’t deliver there. If it is not a good area-do we really want to risk life or limb or a pizza?!
I would be devastated if an employee was hurt or killed because of a known bad area. Not to mention the legal ramifications.

This guy did exactly the right thing.

When someone even hints at threatening your life, you must take decisive and lethal action immediately. You can not give the thug any chance to kill you, period. End of story. Cooperating, giving the money - etc., is great - but might still get you killed. You do not have the luxury of waiting to see if you will still be killed.

Read this and see if cooperating sounds like a great idea…

Good: drivers-1 scum-0