hey looking at doorhangers, anyone know where they can beat this price?
looks like 159.00 for 2500/ 2 color

I know this guy - he used to run a 5 Star pizza place in Gainsville - nice guy…got out of the biz yrs ago - began printing in his garage…

that said - the quality of his work is fine, but ask to see samples, as his 2 color method is a bit different - not bad, just different

If I were to use him, I’d opt for 2 spot colors on stock paper

Funny that you know this much about Hayden, Patriot. I now own the store he ran in Gainesville. He moved on to run one in Tampa before doing printing. That said, even though I worked some crazy busy shifts with him, I will never again order my printing from him. I use , and would say that they are worth the extra FEW dollars. Their diecutting is much better, registration much better and service is much better. I stopped using doorhangers ect because of a dispute over payment for flyers that were never even printed. Most of the other stores in our company still use them, but I have moved on to a better product, better service, for a similar price.

Small world - I 1st met Hayden @ an auction (when he bought the rounder)…

I was amazed by the volume that store did (a $5 pizza to boot!)

I ran across him a few yrs later - was told the rounder didn’t work out & that he was printing just part time.

I later went to work for a guy that used Hayden…as previously stated, I personally don’t care for the style he features, called DuoTone, if I recall correctly, but his generic spot color doorhanger work seemed acceptable. sells full color door hangers with a glossy coating. They are the cheapest I have seen yet. I just ordered 5000 full color door hangers both sides for $299. The samples they sent me were top notch quality. You can go to their web page and request a free sample pack of their products. The only catch is that you have to design your own (which I actually prefer to do). It’s a really simple process. You upload your file over their web page, they then send you a proof, you ok it online and then you’ll have them within a week. If you don’t want to design one yourself, I believe they have a design service but I’m not sure of how much it will cost. They are the cheapest company I have seen yet. I have also used doorhangersetc in the past and they did a pretty good job as far as 2 color printing is concerned. I now prefer to go with a full color glossy door hanger with full color pictures on them. It just looks a lot more professional which reflects on the customer’s perception of your business and in return you get a much higher redemption rate.


You won’t be disappointed. has done nothing but impress me.


we will see, going with gotprint, hey if I was to add a maganet to my door hangers do you know what kind of glue to use?

check w/them - they probably have a source 2 do a perf magnet…RCS

Can you source doorhangers with magnets? They will do a 4X10" doorhanger with perforated coupons. The top will include a 2X4 magnet.

Has anyone used the glue dots? Are they easy to use?

Got two boxes of them sitting in my garage if you want them. We tried to use them, but paper kept ripping as you pulled off dot. about a third of the way through the box fell apart. just wasn’t worth the hassle.

Thanks Paul,

That is what I needed to know! Anyone tried the glue gun option?


We use glue sticks. It’s easy and cheap at Costco

Daddio I can get door hangers with magnets but they are not competitively priced so best to stick with one of the sources mentioned on Think Tank…RCS…


I know you’re somewhat of an evangelical for the doorhanging movement. I could use some help. I was out doorhanging today and my frustration was building. There was the slightest of breezes and it kept blowing them off people’s doors and into their bushes. This is really annoying on several fronts. It costs me about a nickel each, it wastes my time, and it litters in my customers yards producing the opposite effect of what I was looking for.

I’m using doorhangers printed on 110# paper. Should I switch to a heavier card stock? Also mine have the circle cut out at the top instead of the star * type of cut. Is the star better? Any other advice?



The star cut-out is much better than the circle cut. I think (and I could be wrong) the circle is cheaper so that’s what most people use. If you can get your hands on star cut I would advise it. The 110# paper is fine. I actually use thinner (100#). The only drawback to the doorhangers I’m now using from is that they have that infamous circle (or die) cut. Most of the housing I doorhang has doors located in the breezeways so there is no wind to worry about in my neck of the woods. I’d actually forgotten how crappy the die cut is for wind exposure until you mentioned it.

I guess the best advice I can give you is to doorhang the actual door and not the screen door. It’ll take you a little longer and you’ll probably only hit 100 houses/hr. instead of 120-140 houses/hr. but you won’t have to worry about wind blowing them off. Good luck. -J_r0kk

Cowtown years back we did most of our doorhanging using elastic bands…We took the shrink wrapped bundles of menus and drilled a hole through them with a 1/4" drill…We attached an eleastic band to the hole and could use it to attach to knobs and when there were handles like on screen doors we looped the menu through the band and it was hooked solid regardless of the wind…Good luck…RCS…

PS…I agree with J that doorhang is one of the most important marketing functions a pizza shop owner can do…

Thanks guys.

The elastic bands sounds like a lot of work. Perfect busywork for my guys during this slow period.