doorhanging advice-complaints

lately its nice enough where we can walk the neighborhoods where we normally cant. Small, upscale neighborhoods where mailbox is on house. Ive had 2 complaints so far about doing this. We used scotch tape and only put on door that looked most used and I figured we should stick them to glass so as not to ruin paint on anything. If there were chronicle boxes we stuck them in there. The complaints make me feel like not doing this area but that is where my competition is killing me. Am I taking it too personally? Should I just keep going and write down addresses of complaints? Advice please!

I would suggest getting actual doorhangers for those neighborhoods and hanf them using the hole provided, either on box or on knobs. I can see where people keeping well tended houses would be unhappy about scraping celo tape off. I would be unhappy . . . but mostly because it would be a competitor doing it to me :slight_smile:

Masking tape could be a better idea??
Roll the flyers and stick between knob and doorjam?
Stick physically to the knob?
Drop post cards by saturation mail to that carrier route via post office?

In my pizzeria days I used my menus and punched a hole in the corner and used an elastic band to attach the menu to the door knob or handle…We hit every door in town on a 5 week cycle…RCS…

i cant stand when someone takes the liberty to deface my property.TAPE!!!
that would really set me off.
if you are going to door hang,then please door hang,NOT DOOR TAPE…
another thing i cant stand,is when someone puts a flier on my windshield under the wiper blade.this means they had to lean on my paint job,bend my wiper blade possibly tearing it,and not care about it.

have to agree with above posts. Would not want to come home and see things taped to my house.


As some have already suggested, just get doorhangers with holes in them and hang them using the door knobs. I usually get mine done either with century printing (2 color) or Best Choice printing (full color 40,000 doorhangers for $1160). Also, try to find out who the competition is using to get their printing done, it pays to know!

Good Luck!


Davido’s Pizza

I agree - DO NOT TAPE.
Get doorhangers with holes, or tuck a menu someplace.
What bugs me about windsheilding is that it slows me down - I have to remove it, and have nowhere to put it. A doorhanger is there as I pass by, and it’s no trouble to grab it and either
a) stick it in a coupon drawer
b) stick it in the trash
But tape might make me call the place and ask them to pay for a paint job.

“I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I’d like to make it up to you, can I send you a coupon for a FREE _________________?”

I wouldn’t tape either. Maybe use those glue tabs we talked about a couple weeks ago? But I would only put them on metal or glass.

Do you have strong magnets? Maybe magnet your doorhanger to the mailbox or doorjamb? Make sure it’s a calm day.

Or get the custom post-it notes.

I also use Century Printing. Full color front/ bw back is $500 for 5000. Includes shipping and design.

I’ll never order regular door hangers again. Only post-it note style ones. They are super easy to put on the doors, and I can also put them on car windows right above the door handle. Vista Print has a pretty good price on small runs.

Post it notes are a good idea Ill check into that. I was trying to be least invasive. Regular doorhangers you have to open screen door elastic bands are hard to get off or easy to fly away depending how good you put them on. I guess Im fighting with MI weather. So windy most of the time right now I just didnt want stuff blowing around everywhere.

Respecting peoples property has to come first. That’s why we insist upon walking the walk way up to a house and not cutting across someones lawn. Even though it’d be a heck of a lot easier. The same holds true for drivers delivering. Respect everyones property.
People are quirky, what bothers one person wouldn’t bother another. Therefore you have to be sensestive to everyone. You step on someones lawn, or mark up someones car you’ve done more damage than putting 1,000 would do good.
When someone complains about receiving a doorhanger we try to mark their address down and not hit them again. I’ve found that if you just apologize and let them know that you don’t mean any disrespect by it that you’re just trying to make a living they understand.

When you make someone cranky do you ask if they would like a free pizza?..RCS…

THAT is taking advantage of the situation. I would nver suggest angering people to ge tthem to call, but talk about serendipity! All those marketing efforts are about getting the propective customer to call the store so that you can ‘close the deal’ on a pizza sale. They’ve called, you know in advance some of them will be angry, and you can have a ready-made sales pitch to use as the Mea Culpa pitch to get them to try your food . . . a free 12" one topping.

I have to chime in here as well. With the many other options out there why would you even think about tape? It is 100% gauranteed to leave glue or part of the tape on at least a few houses. Would you be happy with tape residue stuck on your door?

That aside, the vast majority of houses have door (or screen door) handles that you can roll up a flier and stick them behind. I put out thousands of fliers that way. Bring a few rubber bands for the ones that you cant stick the flier in, and you can cover an entire area quicker than taping them to the doors.

Precut door hangers are also great for this. Just check out a few of the links in PMQ, and you will find many companies who will design and print these for very reasonable rates.

Also, don’t let a few complaints get you down. It is a pain to listen to, but it really is only a small percent that is doing the complaining. Just grin and apologise, while thining about the sales you generated form that marketing.

GREAT IDEA, Thank you, Otis

It’s against the law in my neck of the woods. Wish I could. It’s always been very successful in other areas.

wow you guys are paying a fortune for doorhangers. My 50,000 2-sided 2-color cost me a whopping $850. $500 for 5,000? I’d spit on them.

where do u get urs from Red Baron give us your secret? :lol:

well it ended at the 2 complaints and Ive already got 30 or so of the coupons back so not a total bust at all. I think the rubber bands are probably the way to go. Thanks for the info

Red Baron have you ever tested the return rate for full colour versus 2 colour?..I have always believed that you get a much higher return for full colour and I am curious to find some stats that prove or disprove that…RCS…