Driver kills "would-be" robber

I need not read any further than that. :roll:

So after reading this I have decided to institute the following policies to ensure driver safety:

  1. Provide store supplied cell phones to any driver who wants one for their shift
  2. Confirm EVERY phone number via caller ID or callbacks
  3. Don’t deliver to the ghetto after dark
  4. Don’t deliver to the really bad ghetto at any time day or night
  5. Encourage firearm training/instruction to all employees(and anyone else for that matter) who is interested
  6. Encourage and even assist any interested employees in getting their CCW
  7. Get rid of any policy not allowing firearms for those with a CCW

Oh wait, I’ve had these policies for over 10 years! Darn Gregster, I guess all that yelling till you’re red in the face isn’t really changing the world. Sorry, I thought I had a glimmer of hope for you.

no its not its about a driver who joined Pizza Hut, which has a none carrying policy, and then leaving as he accepts he has breached their policy. The driver admits HE LEFT as he understands the company policy. From his statement he wasn’t fired.

  1. how many pizza hut owners do you see on this site? - none!
  2. if you want to carry then why work at a place which you know doesn’t allow it???

You can’t get a job at a company which has a CLEAR policy, then breach the policy and then cry foul! You have a choice when YOU choose an employer. So make the right choice.

Instead of attacking EVERYONE on this firum without knowing facts about who you are accusing (yet again) why not simple ask who allows and who doesn’t thats a much more constructive method.

only when he gets past accusing everyone on this site breaking every law he wants without knowing anything about any of us.

I’ll never meet Greg I figure and I have nothing in stake for “defending” his right to post save the possible wrath of others who won’t agree with this attempted civility. But really…most of us have been in his shoes of being that guy out there schlepping our pies. We have to know that at least some of what he’s saying bears listening too b/c we’ve been there before him.


We’ve listened and challanged, but the responce back is not an ‘exchange’ its simply I’m right your all wrong’. Its been going on for quite a while now.

It is about you grego…I don’t want to dig it up, however you’ve stated in the past on TTPG that you despise your employer for going “tip credit” on you…Yet you stick around, not even realizing you haven’t netted any monetary gain off all your efforts…

Yes, that IS my advice… That is the best advice you will ever receive in your life. Why would anyone want to work where they’re underpaid or treated unfairly? You choose to “fight to make things better”? Who are you fighting and what is it that you’re trying to accomplish? Whatever it is, you are failing, HORRIBLY.

I care… ask anyone I know, I’m a very caring person. I take care of my staff well, I bend over backward for everyone I know, especially those in need of help. I’ve spent 1,000’s of dollars OUT OF MY OWN POCKET for my staff for their good work b/c the owner at my last job was a cheaparse. Yea, I’m uncaring… :roll: But I don’t care too much for people like you that think they deserve the world for their “arduous”, “dangerous” work.

It REALLY IS simple as that… If I was treated unfairly OR underpaid, you best believe I would be gone sooner than you find the time to create an account on some forum, and b*tch and moan all darn day.

I would say thanks for reinforcing the needy, unappreciative, cry baby, ‘think they’re owed the world’ driver stereotype :roll: but you seem to be the one of the 2 drivers I’ve ever known (or heard about) like that.

OK, so drivers should NOT complain about dangerous working conditions and low pay? It that really your opinion?

If someone leaves a low paid or unsafe job, the danger and low pay still exists. So as long as we can ignore the danger, then it’s OK? After all some other schmuck is stuck with it now!

I didn’t know that asking for safe working conditions was asking for “the world”. My bad. :roll:

You can complain all you want, but what are we supposed to do about it… PAYING YOU MORE MONEY ISN’T GOING TO TAKE THE “DANGER” PART OF THE JOB AWAY…

I suppose you’re right… We should over pay you, and let everyone in the world to stop robbing drivers. That will solve the problem. :roll:

If the pay was commensurate with the danger, there would be much less complaining. Plus, if the pay was much better, there would be much less incentive for places to troll for the lowest paying customers who reside in high crime areas.

Higher pay, higher prices, less customers in high crime areas.

Telling drivers to ‘just stop complaining about it’ is not a solution to the problem.


My 7 highest paid drivers made more than the first 2 year salary offered by our city police department.

Is their pay commensurate with the danger?

You have yet to cease to amaze me…

Thats the answer? Raise prices? WOW.

Higher pay, higher prices = less customers IN ALL AREAS.

“My job is too dangerous, I worry for my safety”
“Oh, you’re giving me a raise? Danger, what danger?” :roll:

So I guess your life has a price tag on it eh?

I never said that telling drivers to just not complain about it is the solution to the problem. I really don’t know what you expect owners to do against crime… We’re not law enforcement. It just comes along with the job. Same thing when YOU SIGN UP for gas station clerk, liquor store clerk, convenience store clerk, armored car personnel etc. If its so dangerous and underpaid, why did you sign up for it? Thats what everyone is trying to figure out. It is that simple gregster, if it wasn’t you it would be someone else. There are millions of people that are unemployed that would kill for a driver job. Its a dirty job, but someone has to do it. <-- Ever hear of this one?

Some people are just not cut out for certain kinds of work. And you made it very clear that you’re too scared to drive b/c of all the present “danger” you face every day. So get a new job already.

And just to make you aware, there are robberies EVERYWHERE. You could pull up to house in a super fancy neighborhood/sub division and get robbed by a white boy that lives there so he could score drugs… What, you don’t think that rich kids rob people in nice areas? C’mon…

Is that before or after you factor in un-reimbursed mileage?

Do you really feel that sending an unarmed delivery driver into a place and time the criminals choosing carrying cash and food is comparable with armed police officers using marked vehicles?

To answer your question using the example you gave; no.

He’s not sending anyone anywhere. This isn’t the military where an owner ‘sends’ a pizza driver to a hot spot. Its a pizza delivery business. Anyone who enters this profession thinking there is no risk is fooling themselves, in the same way that taxi drivers have a risk. Initially I thought you came here to flag the issue of MW but now you are just trolling every post with any arguement at all.

But your ‘solution’ of just quitting is the same thing or even worse. Quitting improves nothing and only perpetuates the problem.

if your view is that this industry carries too much risk then quitting does solve the problem doesn’t it! Its the only solution!


In my case, I’ve had far more incidents between criminals and insiders than I have had between criminals and drivers.

In the past couple of years, insiders at my stores have dealt with 4 armed robberies - one involving a 5-hour standoff with a SWAT team.

In comparison, we have had only 1 driver robbed - and only because he stopped when someone flagged him down in the middle of the road.

I don’t dismiss the danger of the job, but it isn’t the only job in the pizza store that could be considered “dangerous” in this regard.

Oh, so disagreement with you is ‘trolling’? Or is stating things from a ‘drivers perspective’ trolling?

Perhaps I should ‘claim’ that ‘owners’ are ‘trolling’ in the “Delivery Driver Discussion” area and trying to incite me?

Why do YOU disagree with everything that I post? Does that not make you a troll also?

My issue (and that of other here) is with you CONSTANTly ramming MW/IRS down our throats at EVERY OPPORTUNITY.

  1. its not a delivery driver forum ‘just for delivery drivers’ its a section to discuss ‘delivery issues’.
  2. I don’t disagree with everything you say at all. I’ve supported you numerous times about MW.
  3. YOU have turned almost every post in this section into a MW/IRS mileage issue (car topper lead thread, someone wanting to start deliver needing help, someone asking about when to clock off a driver etc etc) every post about driving ends up with you quoting DOL/IRS. YES it is an important issue, you made your point but it doesn’t need to be made in EVERY thread.

‘An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community’

OFF TOPIC!!! key word, if the topic is what time to clock off a driver then why dring up about business liability? YOU are the one starting off the issue EVERY TIME.

It is clear you have little respect or time for any owner and without even knowing most of us on this board you continually tell us what a lowly set of indivudals we are.

Really? So you can provide several quotes from several threads to support that statement?

I can tell you one thing. If I had a tiny, tiny fraction of the amount of people that do not agree or dislike you’re posts, I wouldn’t be here. Why would I, or anyone for that matter, want to be in a place that theyre not wanted or welcome? hmmm…

Get a clue.