Exclusive Pepsi account

Do any of you guys have an exclusive deal with Pepsi and if so do you get a yearly rebate check? Also do you mind sharing your pricing for 20 ounce, 2 liter and bag in box.

Thank you.

Ill try and post mine tomorrow. What are you paying and where are you?

We’re exclusive with Coke, currently. Just chiming in because we used to get a rebate check but it was such a mess getting it that we decided to forego that and take it as weekly pricing discounts. Pepsi may be on our radar in March though

20 ounce 27.75
2 liter 13.90
Bag in box 95.50

I am on the last month of a 5yr contract but seriously considering purchasing my own 3dr cooler and using Costco for cans & RD for 2L going forward bc the pricing is getting out of control with annual 5% increases. Current pricing $26.85 20oz, $14.45 2L, $15.35 Aquafina, $15.25 Pure Leaf. My last contract included a $1/case rebate and a $5K/yr rebate as long as I sold > 2K cases per year. They used to be good with other perks like delivery bags & tickets to sporting events/concerts but that dried up too.

2L 14.50
20 27.75
BIB 91.70

in northern suburbs of Detroit

My issue with buying my own cooler is that is one more thing to have to drive around and pick up. But I could get there. Pepsi right now has zero cups. Doesn’t have Orange Crush, No Mug Root Beer, both popular flavors. They had a run where i couldn’t get Pepsi or WCP. I’m talking to Coke buyers, same shit different day for them…

I hear you but I crunched some numbers and on Poland Spring water alone I can make a small fortune and payback a brand new cooler in months. My dad needs something to do to stay busy so this will be his pet project since he does not play golf. I am sick of being tied to these corporations so I am going to give it a shot.

Have you thought about going to an RC Cola type brand? I know of at least one professional sports team around me that has done it

Are you in an exclusive contract? And if so do you get a rebate check of any sort?

RD 2 liters only have less than a month left before expiring.
They pull them out of grocery stores just befo they go bad and sell cheap at RD


that’s good to know…thanks for the heads up

I do have an exclusive and I get a rebate.

I’m in upstate NY, north of Albany.
Cans - 12.95
2 liter - 14.25
20 oz - 27.95 I discontinued these based on cost and value
Aquafina 16.9 - 8.95
PLeaf 12pk - 16.50
BIB 3gal - 55.50 / 5gal - 92.50
Up to 10% rebate IF I carry all the products that they demand.
I’m with famouseperry, getting my own cooler and becoming a free agent.
Then I can purchase whatever I want, 16.9 are half the price at supermarkets and cans are 8-$10. When it is not convenient to pick it up, I will have Pepsi deliver.

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