anybody on facebook?

There are several of us on facebook myself included. If you search Daddios Pizzeria you will find me. I have a number of the regulars here as friends as well. I also have a page for the store that one can be a fan of. I believe pizzaguy, Nick, PMQ, Liz Barret, pennelope, Scott Hack,and canukfanlady, just to name a few of us, are there.

I find the marketing aspect of facebook somewhat less effective than I had hoped but it does put my name in front of a few people when I do a status update. I use twitter to do the updates and kill 2 birds with one stone.

We have a small, but growing group of custyomers who are impacted by our Facebook and email updates. We mention specilas, “muse” about how good a certain menu item would be tonight, and generally have other social interactions with our fan base. Maybe only 50 regulars are there, but it is FREE contact with the low hanging fruit.

No, it isn’t big impact marketing, but it IS free contact with customers who are cheerleaders of ours and who spread the gospel to the uninitiated.

daddio, how did you get a page that says friends it wouldnt let me set up with the name as Rockstar Pizza. I had to do a group

It’s hard to find at first:


I found the page that allows me to create a biz page but daddio and my competitors have a personal page as a biz, this way you can add friends daily, the other way I have to go out and put it in…

If you’re interested in trying to maintain Twitter and Facebook at the same time I recommend trying TweetDeck. It allows you to post to twitter and facebook at the same time and gives you columns so you cans see all of your posts, who is mentioning you, your friends and group updates and easily shorten URLs and post pictures.

Another pretty useful tool is TweetLater which allows you to schedule Tweets so you can Tweet and reTweet all day long without having to be at your computer.

TweetDeck http://tweetdeck.com/beta/
TweetLater http://www.tweetlater.com/

Pretty sure the facebook TOS say that you can’t have a personal page for a business, nor are you allowed to use a personal page for marketing (this one is broken all the time though). That’s why it’s rejecting your name. My bar I owned until last year was deleted because of this.

Daddio and your competitors have managed to slip in under the radar.

I have been on facebook for about 2 years or so. They have done some changes in policy over that time. When I started there were no restrictions on names. You may be able to create an account then change the name after it is created.

tried that

I guess I got lucky.

you can only use an email for one account on facebook. so if you set up a bogus account or a personal page you can’t use that email for your rockstar page.

since I am backwards if you guys post a link I can add you,

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emporia-K … 9600799381

I have Face Book and My Space but my main focus is on Twitter. I farm email accounts which I use for my VIP emails on Websites2go, an awesome marketing tool. I post links to my website and my twitter account. I use Twitter for last minute VIP specials if something is about to turn I can blow it out at 40% and sell out of it by nights end. There is tons of value in emailing and tweeting, it’s just about building and retaining your base without spamming them with worthless emails. I actually owe my very existence to my email marketing and I’m very excited about Twitters instant possibilities.

http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/page … 604?ref=ts

Here is our Facebook Page. Had it for a couple of months, mostly employees and family members but I do have some customers too

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pizza-Pir … 2081?ref=s

I don’t use facebook for promoting business but here’s my page: http://www.facebook.com/pizzapaul

My wife signed up in order to find birthdates in order to prosecute on bad checks. She ran across a couple of our old friends so I signed up as well.

Have any of you checked out ads on facebook? You can target just a certain area, students at a certain school, or people within a certain age bracket. When they click on the ad you can either direct them to your facebook page (but not a profile) or to an outside website. I always put my phone number in the text part and get some phone calls out of it. They are ridiculously cheap (I pay about 15-20 cents per thousand impressions in my market).

I’ve been running the facebook ads for a couple of weeks. I’ve spent about $150 and got about $300 in orders, so pretty much break even at this point. Maybe it will be get us some more business down the road.