Finally rid of 3rd party delivery services

After a year of being bombarded with third party delivery services I was able to get all but Postmates to take us off their websites. They put you on them without asking and then send drivers to place/pick up orders. I sent countless emails, told drivers not to come back (drivers change all the time), and to their phone people when they would call each time after we refused an order to never come here again. I threatened legal action, hung up, yelled, to no avail. I put signs in our windows, talked to attorneys, as well but nothing worked. We had to screen all calls for pick up and all walk in customers we didn’t recognize. It was a huge hassle. Customers would ask “what is Postmates” when they saw our sign and it consumed a lot of our time which could have been spent in a million better ways. The Reno newspaper is going to run a story on our journey with this new phenomenon. The lawyer said my tenacity/generating publicity about this is what got us off. Today I took the sign down from our window and we can go back to running our pizzeria the way we intended it to run- no delivery ever. Walter

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Customers must eat their pizza onsite?

onsite or carry out. 3rd party delivery services employees are unknown to us and we will not let our product go out the door that way. t will just be a matter of time before one of the contracted delivery drivers whos mentally deranged poisons somebody.

congrats walter!

keep doing things your way!

Thanks! The biggest perk for us about owning your own business is having control over the entire process. These places make you feel like you are one of their franchises and that bugs us to no end. It seems like it is another version of John Henry vs. the steam engine or David vs. Goliath. Their is a spiritual power in carrying on the old ways that helps us stand up to things we don’t want to incorporate into our life. It is about principal not money for us. The shop felt pure again this weekend without these companies invading our universe. Here is an article the newspaper put up this morning about it all.

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I have benefitted from these 3rd party companies. It’s about 10% of my sales.

I’ve learned that people won’t change their platforms they order from because of their technology.

I’ve jacked up all the prices on their platform 20% and people still pay it. It also brings my food outside my delivery area.

They haven’t pissed me off enough yet to get rid of them.

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Like I said in the article - we have nothing against food places that use these companies but we are not interested. We never have done and never will do delivery so for them to just add us to their sites is not going to happen.

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But what about the poison?!

Not sure what you mean by this comment registered guest.

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You don’t care about third party delivery drivers poisoning your customers?

Maybe you’ve found a way to implement your in-house driver anti-customer-poisoning protocols at the third party party company.

Of course I care registered guest

Quite surprised your in this game long like me , and figured your brains can figure out a way around it like the others.

Your still a troll.

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My gut tells me this is the case, but has anyone seen any independent research done to confirm this? Maybe this is a topic PMQ could do some investigative reporting on.

So what companies do you work with?
You are able to set the prices on all those websites individually and the customer pays it…but do you get charged a fee by the ordering company?

We made it through 2 weekends with no 3rd party delivery services harassing us. It brought in so many new customers that read the article about our fight that we ran out of dough by 6 tonight. They said way to go and fight the big bullies. It was a pleasure to simply do what we designed our pizzeria to do. Walter


Lol, relax

I was being sarcastic. You didn’t read the claim above that it was only a matter of time before a third party driver poisoned the food?

We (Bluebird Pizzeria) want absolutely nothing to do with these leaches either. We did them for awhile, but then a customer told us they charged them over $80 for 2 very basic pizzas! Also, there were many times they didn’t pick up orders. They got the hint and we haven’t had any lately and it has been very nice. Nobody wanted to answer the phone when they called because they were such morons (not their fault, as they just being exploited in some third world country call center). But now, instead of a Doordash link on my google page, I noticed there is a one to place an order, sigh. Click that and asks “are you the owner?” Anybody else have to deal with them?

We had a door dash link on our google page for a quite a while. It took a lot of complaining about it via clicking on reasons why you want them off and the newspaper ran a story on how they came to Reno and put every food place on their website. Postmates was the worst. I think the recent article the Reno paper did on us will keep them away.

Many people don’t like NJ attitude but it sure serves me well when having to be pit bull tenacious :slight_smile: Contact your local paper and see if they will do a story. I think these delivery services watch for their names in print. In the future if these companies become so dominant that we can’t get them to take us off their sites we will partner with them. A large pie will be $1,000,000, small $6,000,000, salad $12,000,000, canoli $55,000,000. Nobody can tell us what to charge and with these places I understand you get to name your menu price for their sites. So if anyone buys from these places we can retire after 1 sale. I am not kidding either on the prices!

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Hi Walter
What a nightmare. Are you now doing take out only?
Please let us now when your story is published. Id love to see it. Maybe we can combine your story with similar pizza retailers.

Steve: Thanks for the note. I hope all is well down your way. Fortunately we are doing great - above average sales. I know a lot of places that sell alcohol are hurting. Their take out #'s may be similar or higher than normal sales but $ down as they aren’t selling any alcohol. We don’t sell alcohol. It gets hairy with so many calls coming in on our 1 phone line and we don’t have a POS, online ordering, or delivery, but people are patient with it. I doubt we will be getting any story published on us as the virus is taking up most of the headlines and the food stories are just snippets of many restaurant situations. Take care. Walter

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That makes sense. Hang in there. Best wishes and blessings.