fingerprints or Swiping?

anybody using fingerprint log-in or is swiping the way to go?

We use finger print and it works great.

We use fingerprints too (digitalPersona) with Point of Success. Yes, it works well. I like the fact that only THAT person can punch in/out and have access to his/her till. The only gripe is that I’ve had to swich out two of three in the first year and a half. My belief is that the food residue (i.e. grease on the hands of employees) eventually makes the surface of the pad cloudy, thus making the reader have difficulty.

We keep a roll of scotch tape next to the terminals. When ever the reader slows down we just put a piece of tape on and pull it off. That gets rid of any residue or oils from your skin. That works for us.

Excellent suggestion, Pizza Tony!

Great technology. It eliminates “Buddy Punching”, where an employee knows they will be late at give their card to a fellow employee. This technology has been really improved over the last few years.