Flour Prices...

Anyone care to reveal what yer paying for flour? We use an unbleached unbromated product and the price just spiked from $15ish/50lb bag to $21/50lb bag! Just an astronomical jump in my ideal food cost!

Anyone know if spikes like this stay around? Or am I stuck here until I change flours?

Thank you!

There was a big spike like this about 10 years ago. If memory serves me right flour was in the $30 $35 a bag range.

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I remember that one. I was watching the prices and brought in 150 bags of flour and saved myself about $2500. Price came back down pretty quickly.

Paying $13 something right now. I saw 50lb bags at costco a few days ago for $11.

Is there a site similar to cheese reporter to get an idea of when to expect a increase / decrease in wheat prices?

My flour prices have went from the low $12 range up to $16.21. I’m hoping to see these prices come down quick as it’s costing me $200+ extra to buy it. I remember the price spike mentioned above. There was some talks of flour not being available at that point. I looked through my invoices and was paying $18+ for 50lbs in January of 2008, up to a high of $31.52, then slowly tapering down to just under $14 by years end. It was still over $18 into September.

I was told it’s drought-related and the price will be like this for several months. Mine went up $3/bag. Flour prices don’t really mean too much to me as it’s so cheap to make dough already. Divide the added cost over all the pizzas you make with that one bag of flour and we’re talking pennies. Cheese on the other hand…

$3 per bag X how many bags per year? It adds up. It may not be much per pizza ($3 per bag would be about 5 cents per pie for us) but I don’t care to walk away from a thousand or two. Raising your prices by 15 cents per pie would cover it and keep your costs more or less in line.

Have to take a look.

Our recently went up from a consistent $13/bag to $13.50, now I think they went up to $16. Have to check invoice to be sure. Glad to see we aren’t the only ones

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Unbleached unbromated $20
Regular stuff $18
I dont make pizza dough though.

Funny things happen wheen prices are moving fast. Last week, at the Chef’s Store, All Trumps was cheaper than the store brand.

My flour price jump raised my ideal food cost from like 22ish% to 28ish%. A very significant increase. Yeah it’s like $4/bag, or a few cents per pie, but over the year its huge.

True. It is an “Act of God”(drought) and no way around it though and they’ve said the prices will come back down once the drought is over.

There are alternatives if someone was to be worried about such a rising cost. Could try adding cornmeal to your dough to offset some of the $3/bag cost as that price has not moved. I pay for good quality cornmeal and it’s 20% of my flour% and it’s $17/50lb bag while the flour is now over $20/bag with this increase.

By the time you raise your prices and re-print to-go menus and have all the third party online order sites change your prices, the drought may be over and furthermore what was the cost to re-print those to-go menus with the 15 cent increase not to mention the time it takes to change all the prices on third party online ordering sites.

I’m responding by trying to find a similar quality alternative, not by raising prices. Well, we are looking at raising prices, but not because of fluctuating flour costs…

Is the unbromated, unbleached an integral part of your brand?

Bc if it is you could raise your price and tell the customer the bromate health concerns and why you dont use bromated flour in your store I think you should get recognition for going the extra mile
Espcially in a state where bromate isnt outlawed

I do not re-print menus for price changes and our POS and online are integrated so when I change prices on the POS the online happens automatically.

You leave your former prices on current menus?

When I print more menus I update to the current prices. I also tend to make price changes when I print (although this summer when I printed more menus there were no changes)

But I do not feel the need to reprint menus just because I made price changes (if I felt I needed to make changes between printing) I just update them next time. In 18 years it has not happened often. Mostly I just wait for the next print cycle to make the changes but when I can’t wait I go ahead with the change.

I guess you could say that generally the print cycle drives the price change timing rather than the price change driving the print cycle.


I wonder if anyone has tried a no price menu. I’ve seen plenty of corporate restaurants have online menus with no pricing due to markets I’d imagine. Of course I’ve never seen anyone (personally) try it at the table. Would be nice though to be able to change prices on the fly l, although dealing with customers asking the price for every item would get old within the first 5 minutes…

Any who, All trump bromated and bleached 17.95. Up for sure on my end.

Or conversely, how many customer even bother to read the price from the menu ? My exp is about 50/50.