Forth of July

What’s everyone’s thoughts for this years 4 th of July on Friday? Open or close?

I will be open, usually a good late night for us.

I too will be open. The one other shop in town is always closed, so we are super busy, plus we serve pizza and beverages at the park where they shoot off the fireworks. Good night for deliveries too, lots of before and after firework parties.

We used to run a chili cheese dog pie on 4th of July week.

close about 9 pm

Never open. never will! I throw a huge BBQ for my stores and make a real employee appreciation event out of it! Only reason Domino’s in my areas think it is the busiest day of the year!

Not sure what I am going to do yet. I am thinking about being open. We deliver to the local camp grounds…and there will be many campers.

Closed, 4th is a day to relax and have fun with friends.

Go forth into July!! And yes, we are open on the fourth. Pretty good day for us in general because there are tons of people in town. We do even better if the weather is bad (not often) because fewer people BBQ. Dinner is OVER at about 8PM so people can get to the fireworks. We close at 9PM sharp that night.

We are closed the 4th and beings it is on a Friday this year the Saturday after we are opening at 4. Tried opening couple of years ago & it was a total waste.

PMQ is hosting a national pizza culinary competition in our hometown as part of the 4th of July activities. So if you are closed but feel like winning a trip to Italy, you may consider us!

Open without a doubt.

Really can’t decide to open or close! We opened in Oct last year, so this is our 1st July 4th. The day off would be nice, but it’s Friday!!!

Open Open Open.
It will be our slowest Friday ever though. We’re scheduling half staff.

Closed…Even though we are sponsoring the baseball tournament across the street. The tournament is two weeks long though.
We are always busy before and after the 4th of July. A lot busier after 8pm.

we usually close unless its on Friday or Saturday, even if it`s my birthday.I- know if we close and they try to call us and we dont answer,our competitors will be the next number they dial.

Benny where are you located?

hello, Gilbert,my name is Antonio,our restaurant is in a small town in central Illinois called Beardstown.

Beardstown! that’s an awesome name! You should sponsor a “Best Beard in Beardstown” competition!

Open from 4 to 9 today to catch the dinner rush. So far it has been a mistake. 2.5 hours, 13 orders.