from a owners view delivery drivers

just want to jump in here 1 time and 1 time only. My avg. delivery is 7.5 miles round trip. driver works 8 hrs and takes 20 runs. He is going 150 miles so that is 76$. At 100 deliveries a night we are looking at 380$ in mileage. At the moment, I pay 125$. We get roughly 500 deliveries a week so this would be an increase of 1275$/wk. Woops, there goes all the profit that I have worked 100hr weeks and risked my capital to EARN. Bottom line, if you are unhappy, 1- leave your job, no money is worth not being happy, 2- if you feel you could hack it, open up your own spot and see all the strifes associated with this business. I have a very low turn over rate because I treat my employees well. I offer them bonuses and take them to amusement parks. I raise there delivery fee 10 cents for every quarter gas goes up which covers a 20mpg car so they dont have to have the burden of high gas costs affecting their pockets. Their pay is a constant average, they will have ups and down but always avg about 15/hr. Us owners on the other hand have risked a lot, put in extreme hours which normal humans dont even think about, made beds in the box area and all thee other crazy things we have to put up with. And now with gas shooting up, we bear the burden of the sharp rise in costs. We take these risks to try to get to a point where we are earning a comfortable living, but I guess we should just split the profits up between all the employees so everyone gets a fair shake.

“We take these risks to try to get to a point where we are earning a comfortable living, but I guess we should just split the profits up between all the employees so everyone gets a fair shake.”

No T.I.M., just split it with the drivers. Didn’t you realize that EVERY business decision should be viewed through the filter of how it impacts these key employees’ working conditions and compensation?

I just love all the debate about drivers, tips, delivery charges…


We love our drivers some times they make more money,some days less…but they are all good guys!!And they eat for free!

my store on average is around 24k… I’m a firm believer that what you do is what you get paid for. my drivers get paid 5 an hour with 1.50 delivery comp and tips… i have 7 drivers which average any where from 25 - 40 hours a week. all of them walk out with 450+ a week… they fold boxes, all dishes and fill the pop. night driver sweeps and mops the whole place… Im pretty sure thats fair… and our delivery charge is $3.00…

^^^ Great, another tip credit-paying store owner trying to justify subminimum wages. For some of us, it just doesn’t fly…

So I guess waiters should not have to refill the salt shakers since they are not getting tipped to it?

When a tipped employee is making several times the minimum wage inlcuding tips what is this nonsense about what side work they do? The fact they are paid a “tipped” wage is not the point, total wage including tips is what they make.

I agree that mileage or commission for the use of the employee owned car is not part of compensation, but tips certainly are.

Steve didn’t you get the memo from O-Bomb-A covering all of this? Starting Jan 1, 2012… all owners are required to tip-out all delivery drivers at the rate of 72% of gross sales. Also remember that you will be publically lashed 20 times per dollar in the local square if you dare show a personal profit from owning any such privately owned enterprises. I would go on but I am required to listen to the morning inspirational broadcasts of my favorite nations and their rulers… Iran, N. Korea, etc… :twisted:

Why can’t we just let these threads die?

Yes it is the point. It is the whole point. You expect to pay someone less than minimum wage out of your pocket to deliver your food, let the customer foot the bill for the rest of the wages (plus pay your stupid delivery charges) and then expect more work to be done in store.

It’s bogus. Stores got by paying MW in the past so there is no excuse to pay at least MW.

BTW I don’t like Obama either. In fact, I like Ron Paul.He will eliminate taxes on tips. Uh-oh. What is going to happen to tip credit when the government is only collecting taxes on partial wages? They will want their money. :twisted:

Eliminate taxes on tips? Why? Tipped employees should pay taxes on the money they earn just like everybody else.

^^^ Why? Because tips are gifts from customers for well-performed service. I would venture to guess that the majority (>50%) of customers don’t even realize that their tips are supplementing the driver’s hourly wage; that is, a portion of each tip must be used to cover MW laws (i.e. if a driver does not receive tips to cover MW, the tip credit store must make up the difference).

As a pizza customer, I do not want to pay the drivers’ wage. That is the store’s job. I want to give the driver an extra gift for services performed.

OK I bite… “Services Performed” You delivered a pizza in a box to a door! Hey Steve…just cut your prices by 70% and institute a new “tipping” policy for all goods sold and then stop paying taxes on this money. Tips are income and should be taxed accordingly. Now you don’t only want more money but you want it for free? REALLY!!! I say eliminate all pizza delivery and make all these drivers get other jobs that do not involve driving or tipping!!! :!: :arrow: :idea:

Tips are not gifts. Tippped positions earn wages through tips. Everybody knows it, pricing is structured the way it is to encourage good service but that does not change the fact that tips are compensation not gifts. To the extent that customers are familiar with wage laws, I am quite certain that most realize how tipped positions are compensated and how they are supposed to be taxed. Whether they do or not does not change anything.

How can you kid yourself that the “service” of carrying a box to the door and being polite is something that would generate a “gift”? Oh, never mind. Why do I allow myself to get sucked into this tripe?

I’ve lost track of who is saying what here. Too much sarcasm going around. The argument of each side has been lost.
Too bad. It’s a good discussion.

Or, pay a fair wage.

As far as “services rendered” is concerned, just “taking a pizza box to a door” constitutes a tipped action, whether or not YOU deen it worthy. The government says so as does each and every store owner paying tip credit wages.

Each customer should receive an flier doucmenting 1) the fact that all delivery charges go to the store and where applicable 2) all tip credit employees are paid less then minimum wage and said flier should specify that the store is counting on customers to make up the difference.

If drivers want to tell customers that they are dependent upon them for wages the store should in no way be able to stop them (because it is true).

Driver: Hi Mr. Smith your total is $21.49. I am going to need at least a three dollar tip tonight because you are my only delivery this hour and the store does not want to make up the minimum wage difference as they are only paying me $4/hr. to deliver their food.

Mr. Smith: Well, what about the $3 delivery charge?

Driver: All delivery charges go to the store.

Mr Smith: :x


Are you arguing that the service is not worthy of a tip or that that a tip is not a gift? Either way…

  1. As pizza shops are allowed to pay tip credit to drivers, apparently to the government pizza delivery is a tipped job.

  2. From

gra·tu·i·ty /grəˈtuɪti, -ˈtyu-/ Show Spelled[gruh-too-i-tee, -tyoo-] Show IPA
noun, plural -ties.

  1. a gift of money, over and above payment due for service, as to a waiter or bellhop; tip.


From the IRS: Gratuity = Money = Income = Taxes = Pay them! :stuck_out_tongue:

PPG this is SOOOOOO OLD! You are actually making me want to hire people at sub-min wages just to make a point and blame it on YOU! :idea:

Hey Mike I almost forgot to wish you a happy new year…oh wait I didn’t forget. :wink:

I never said tips aren’t taxed. I said that part of Ron Paul’s platform is to eliminate taxes on tips, which is why I am sure all your buddies will be voting for Romney. That, however, would be ironic since Romney is the big Domino’s tycoon who helped to put 1000s of “little guys” out of business.

Pick your poison well. (You can alwayws opt for small-business hating B.H. Obama for another 4 years).

P.S. If you hire people at sub-min wages that is an agreement between you and the new hires. If people agree to work for that wage it has nothing to do with me.

Glad to hear you say so.