from a owners view delivery drivers

But wait … there will be more :mrgreen:

Excellent. Now you can acknowledge that (by standard deflinition) a tip is a gift and we will be all hunky-dory.

How about I pay drivers $12 per hour and they turn over all tips to the store?

First I just like the idea of no delivery at all…but it is going to happen. Soooooo… Company owned cars that get 40+mpg and drivers that make $10 an hour. A flat $3 delivery charge. Oh…and that great bonus that is all over your ads and flyers…etc… NO TIPPING NECESSARY!!! There are plenty of people looking for work that would take a $10 job bringing that pizza box to the door!!! At some point PPG you will have to just accept that pizza delivery boys & girls are not high-paying jobs and never will be. Yes there are risks but there are risks in all lines of work. Your risk is other idiots on the road and the crazy people that want to rob you. 99.9% of delivery drivers will never have any issues with this. Workers in the store and other lines of work these days have similar risks with someone just walking in the front door. It is sad but it is the world we live in. I used to be of the mindset to pay my employees better and offer great benefits but you are single handedly changing that one. I think a flat min-wage with no tips and while they are not on a delivery they can scrub bathroom floors with toothbrushes and clean the leaves out of the gutters!!! How’s that grease trap looking? You want high pay for no work. You want free money…oh I mean GIFTS… for dropping off said box at said door! I am not sure what imaginary world you live in but maybe if you talk to some of your co-workers that someone could help you out with this one. Just a thought. Oh…and Happy New Year!!!


It was enough back in March of 2009.

Time flies.

I doubt it. My co-workers are doctors and other therapists.

You seem to have the issue of delivery as not a “real job” and therefore those doing it should be paid sweatshop wages.

Carrying a box in a hot bag to a customer’s door may not be mind-boggling work, but answer me this:

  • If a driver memorizes 100s of street names (because the brain is faster than a GPS) is that not a skill set?

  • If taking food and money into the projects in the middle of the ghetto at midnight with advertisements (uniforms and car toppers) screaming that you have food and money isn’t worth at least minimum wage, then I don’t know a job that is. But you cannot fathom the dangers, nor do you care to do so.

  • Remember the good old U.S. Postal Service and their motto (rain, snow, sleet, etc.)? There have been days in this area where the weather has been too bad to receive mail, but you can still have a pizza delivered. Again, a risk of both vehicle and bodily injury.

Tip credit for pizza delivery drivers is a joke, and anyone who says otherwise is just looking for a cheap way out.

The greater the shipping cost, the reduced the guidelines. Delivery costs (the real amount) are almost never described or offered. Clients never like them. Many experience the shipping cost is a˜hidden costâ™ and begrudge it.

Any and all car costs should be included by the company if the workers car is used. If professional insurance is necessary, then the company should endure that cost.

My individual plan protects business use of my ‘passenger vehicle’, so in my situation, I am included. Most other insurance firms do not allow this exemption. My own does.

Carryout customers can get a ‘discount’ instead of getting a delivery.

This would be the first personal policy that I heard of that provides coverage to protect the hiring agency. If it does indeed, then the coverage levels you are getting are most certainly nowhere near the levels needed to protect the employing business.