Full Red sauce

Anybody use or have experience with Stanislaus Full Red pizza sauce, also known as Full Red concentrayed crushed ? It comes with or without basil.

The also have a Full Red prepared pizza sauce already seasoned.

They sent me a can od their Pizzaiolo fully prepared sauce which is very good though a little more seasoned than I prefer.
I add oregano and aged cheeses to the pizza as soon as it exits the oven, to get as much aroma as possible then, so therefore I like to use a milder sauce…makes each pizza a little different also.


Otis we use both of those products at FBP. Originally we were using the Full Red and seasoning it ourselves. Now we actually blend the two together and season ourselves too. Try that. You’ll get a little bit thicker sauce, and a milder sauce by diluting the fully prepard sauce with the full red. Then you have more room to season it, but you have those two great bases to start with.

thanks Scott, your sauce sounds good…
…;the fully prepared Full Red sound thicker that the regular Full Red…
I am meeting with the Stanislaus rep tomorrow and look forward to trying the Full Red’s,

I use Full Red Pizza Sauce, Saporito Pizza Sauce, 7-11, Saporito Filetto de something.

I am very happy with their products.


I am using Full red mixed with 7/11 at a rate of 2 to 1. I add my own spices, garlic, basil, oregano, Italian Seasoning, grated parm cheese and EVOO.

extremely happy with full red

hey Otis we use just straight Full Red

Hello Otis,Full Red Fully prep pizza sauce is excellent by itself just add a little salt and some H20 don’t add anything to it.This is why it is called ‘fully prep’ the good thing is it isn’t over loaded w/ spices in which kids love it,and as you know if the kids love it then the family orders it! Topping it at the end is what we do also w/ a little grt.Reggianno chse.


Re: “Full Red” products/ so many ?

I just meet with the Stanialaus rep…
no wonder I was confused about “Full Red”, evryone that I spoke to about "Full Red sounded like they were using something different…
there are at least 7 “Full Red” products from Stanislaus !
…some with basil, some without, some with oil, some without.

The rep brought me several samples, of which the “Full Red” Premium Pizza Sauce w/Fresh Basil is the one I am most interested in, was not included
they all look good…

…oops, just saw two more on the list called Full Red 26% Tomato Paste and Full Red Marinara sauce

thanks for your input on the "Full Red"s, whichever ones you are using

objectively, if anybody is using the Full Red Premium Sauce w/Basil, Stanislaus item # 01211, (Bari # 45618 and Vistar# 031289), as opposed to the othe 8 “Full Reds” please let me know

Re: “Full Red” products/ so many ?

Full Red is a product line…most blend the pizza sauce w/basil with additional spices & a crushed tomato product, I believe its called 7/11…

When I used Stanislaus products in the past, I found I needed to add a little sugar to my spice pack, to negate the burp factor…

Re: “Full Red” products/ so many ?

I have been intrigued by this thread. Have been making my own sauce blend and found a can Full Red pizza sauce w/basil. I will report back when I try it out.

Re: “Full Red” products/ so many ?

I have been using Full Red Premium Sauce w/Basil from Bari (# 45618 $22.33/cs) for about 2 years now and LOVE the great tomato taste…I’m hooked on it. I just add water to thin to my consistency and a little bit of seasoning to make it my own. It is no doubt a great stand alone product as well.

Re: “Full Red” products/ so many ?

I agree that this sauce is very good. I’m not real hip on the whole basil leaves in it though. I was spreading the sauce on a pizza and came across one of the leaves that still had the stem attached. It almost looked like a tail of some vermon. I am thinking that I will probably make the switch to full red, but without the basil. I added a little sugar and just a touch of oregano to jazz it up a little.

Re: “Full Red” products/ so many ?

Thank you for the heads up on the Full Red Premium Pizza Sauce w/fresh basil, Bari # 45618, Stanislaus item # 01211, with the number to eliminate confusion.
That is the one I want to try, and the Stanislaus rep did not have that one, I have most of the other 7 others.
About how much water do you add to get to the consistency you want ?
Do you use any olive oil ?

I do not use olive oil, eventhough I understand it adds flavor.
Main reason I do not add olive oil to the sauce is that I get some "oiling " out on my pizzas sometimes and I would think oil in the sauce would add to the problem.
I could be wrong about that, any thoughts on it are appreciated.


Any one know where I can buy an #10 can or two of Full Red in or near Orange County California? I have found several vendors on=line, but they are back on the East Coast and the shipping costs are 4 times the cost of the product. Does anyone know if Restaurant Depot carries their products? Have one of these not too far away, but don’t have a membership as I’m currently not operating a business. Thanks!

At the source maybe:

Restaurant Depot carries Full Red, at least mine does. I’m sure given it’s location, they carry everything Stanislaus makes.

Anyone try the super dolce? Your thoughts?

I can ship you a #10 can if you’d like, I’ve got a little shy of 3 cases on hand. If the USPS has a flat-rate box to fit it, I’ll do it at actual cost.
I use that for our pizza sauce, I cut it at a 50% ratio with water, and a few TBS of dried flavor, and that is our pizza sauce

  • Thank you for your offer. I have to go to the post office later today. I will check options and costs and reply back to you. Much appreciated!