Full Red sauce

-BTW, my own sauce is basically copied from a very successful and long time established pizzeria/restaurant in the Chicago area. They too use only Full Red Tomato Puree at a 2:1 Ratio with “Lake Michigan Water” and just a sprinkle of dried oregano and grated Romano cheese added when making each pie. Everyone raves about the “Sauce”, but I’ve found the secret )(which is really no real secret) is that the quality and consistency of the tomato is what a great sauce is made from. No need for a complicated sauce with a ton of ingredients. many times less is more, I’ve found. Especially on a pizza where a number of other ingredients and favors are already in the mix, so to speak.

sounds like Lou Malnati’s sauce! that place does huge business but they don’t use Stanislaus i think they use red gold.

We use Full Red Pizza Sauce with Basil. We add Oregano, sugar, salt, pepper, garlic and cheese. But its good and the customers seem to like it.

Ooops forgot about water lol

Not Lou Malnati’s, although very familiar with their pizza. I think you are also right that they use red gold, and not Stanislaus.

I’m sure your sauce is great! Variation is what makes this passion called pizza so much fun and interesting!

Anyone have a review of super dolce? Thanks

“super heavy super sweet”


never seen it; Their regular pizza sauce needs lots of water this stuff must come out like tomato paste.

My understanding is that Lou Malnati’s gets its tomatoes from the Neil Jones Food Company, possibly part of the San Benito line, and that the tomatoes are canned specifically for Malnati’s with the Malnati’s name on the label.


I got some SuperDolce dropped off instead of my 7/11 this week. Sort of annoyed me since if that was their version of a substitution, it was a poor one.

Did you try it? is it any good?

we also use the plain full red and mix it with 7/11 1 to 1 ratio though and season it our selves