Full Red - Stani.

Is Full Red a ready to go pizza sauce, whereas you only need to add your own spices and it’s all set?

They have the Full Red which I didn’t care for too much. They have the Full Red with Basil (Which sounds like the same thing + basil, trust me it is different) which is what I prefer. And they also have the Pizzaiolo. All of these are sold as fully prepared, which means you don’t have to add anyhting. But if you want to say that the sauce is your own, you can…I know of some people that will open a can sprinkle in some oregano or salt or etc… and they call it their “homemade” sauce. I like the full red with basil.

I use Full Red and mix it with a can of plain tomato sauce, add some sugar, oregano and basil. I get compliments on the sauce all the time. I mix it 50-50 because I feel the Full Red is a little too thick by itself and it keeps costs down by stretching it further without too much reduction in flavor. I add the oregano and basil to give it a little more “kick” than it has straight from the can - and as stated previously, I can call it my own.

Uh oh! Just visited the Stanislaus site and could not find the Full Red with Basil. Must get with supplier to see if it is going away. May have to reformulate.

They may have just modified it a bit. The last sentence under the full red description states: (Available with or without hand-packed fresh basil leaves.) - under the Full Red Pizza sauce. I don’t see it either under the Full REd Fully prepared Pizza Sauce.

I haven’t been on the site in a while…but I can remember it being listed as two separate items. I bought some of each and they were different sauces. They were different in taste, texture, thickness, etc… it did not seem like they made all the same stuff and then just added fresh basil leaves to some of it. I hope it didn’t change.

I dont know where your from or how it works there but stanislauss has reps directly from the company that will come with every differnt type and open them and sample them for you. You can try everything and they will usually sit there while you cook it…They wont try to sell you the product directly, it is more of a tasting. I had 2 differet reps come and they definatly sold me on it.
I use alta cucina plum and super dolce paste, its very “homemade”

The guys who demonstrate samples will be the regional distributor reps. The guy for our area actually lives only 12 miles away! He has been a great asset to me.

Full Red seems to be a LINE of products, and I think several of you you are looking for Full Red Pizza Sauce (or Concentrated Crushed). It is on the Stanislaus website, and is available with and without basil. http://www.stanislaus.com/products/prod … l#fullredp It is not exactly, though, a fully prepared sauce unless you are a sauce minimalist.

I MIGHT be wrong - you should call them and check.
But I think “Full Red” is not a complete product name, but a “family” of products. That means there’s “Full Red” Puree, Full Red Sauce, and maybe a couple varieties of those (“extra heavy,” etc).

I had trouble making SURE that distributors were quoting the same thing when specifying my sauce ingredients…

I use Full Red Puree plus 7/11 ground tomatoes plus my own spice blend.

The Stani thing has always been a mystery to me. They have sent samples a couple of times over the years and I was never very impressed. What have you all been comparing it too?

that product will never go away
trust me

Interestingly, I had my area Stanislaus rep here today. He brought a variety of different sauces, including Full Red with Basil. If they were going to drop it, I’m sure he would have told me. But one thing to note is that there is a Full Red Pizza Sauce and then there is a Full Red Fully Prepared Pizza Sauce. They are different. The FR Pizza Sauce is a base for adding additional flavorings to. The FR FP Pizza Sauce is ready to use out of the can. For consistency reasons, I’m going with the FR FP.

My issue is that my distributor didn’t know the difference and they were sending me the wrong sauce for quite awhile. I guess it’s partly my fault too since I should have checked with Stanislaus earlier. Oh well, the customers like the sauce anyways.

try this 6_11 from escalon add sundried tomato paste fresh garlic fresh basil salt pepper red pepper flakes dried onion flakes and a little olive oil
very tasty but a bit pricey good luck (sundried tomato paste by mooney farms look em up on the net )

We also use escalon product. Honestly I think is quite a bit better than the Stani stuff.

We’ve switched back and fourth from Bonta and Saporito a few times. Both great products, with very little flavor difference. When spiced, almost no staff or customers can tell the difference, so it comes down to price. Currently the Stanislaus is a buck a case cheaper for us.

Aren’t Bonta and Escalon the same?

Yes, Bonta is made by Escalon. You asked what we were comparing Stanislaus to, and for us, we feel it compares quite well to Escalon products. At least the Saporito compares to Bonta well.

Stanislaus and Escalon have very comparable, high quality products
see link below for comparrison,



I use two cans of Full Red to one can of 7-11, then add oregano, basil, garlic and onion powder and salt and pepper.

Full Red _______ Please fill in the blank with the rest of the name of the product. We’d love to know what your base is, but “Full Red” is a full line of products :frowning: Is it Full Red Pizza Sauce?