Getting Creative...

We are wanting to do a contest with our employees for a new dish. The main part of the dish will be based around shrimp. They will create a dish over the next few day and then we will have a cook off and decide what dish to use. Anyway…looking for ideas for the winner. Any ideas?

One of big sellers is a gourmet on we named Jambalya after the famous Cajun dish. It is actually based on the recipe but without the rice and stock.
White garlic sauce base with a very light sprinkle of shredded mozz , sliced chorizo sausage, chicken in cajun spice mix, prawns (shrimps) roasted red capsicum, red onion ringsa and green capsicum rings (I think you call them green peppers) Top lightly with shredded mozz.

Another we are playing with at the moment is Garlic Prawn variant with Garlic Butter covering the base, English spinach, prawns, roasted red peppers and red onion rings, very lightly topped with mozz.


I think Kris was asking what prize to get the winner.
How about an Itunes gift card. Most everyone uses mp3’s.

I have traded gift certificates with other food establishments to use as prizes. The staff love to be able to eat something other than the food they make once in a while.

Ooppssssssssss. My bad
Should learn to read it first thoroughly :oops:

Just offer to incorporate their name into the name of the dish somehow. I guarantee that kind of “fame” is worth more than any tangible item you can put in their hand.