Go Rockies!!!

Gearing up for the big game here in Colorado. Pizza biz will be pounding (I hope). :smiley:

With a BC born pitcher on the mound the Rockies will Rock!..

Just don’t come back crying when Beckett completely shuts them down…

“Red Sox will tap the Rockies…”


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the only good thing that’s going to come out of the rockies being in the world series is the business you guys are going to get in colorado… but my sox are going to crush the rockies… I give the rockies credit thou, coming back and winning 21 of 22 since sept… that’s damnn good…


I think I need a few more beer!..

Yikes… 13-1 in the 6th.

Being a die-hard Yankee fan makes this hard to watch. It was so much more enjoyable when the curse was still active.

The only “curse” every active was playing in the same division as a team with unlimited cash.

Ouch, I do have to admit that was ugly. At least I did get some more biz out of the deal. Almost doubled last year’s sales. They just need to hang in there and make it a seven games series. $$$ AND nothing would be sweeter than taking it back to Boston and winning it at Fenway. That would be a tear jerker for you SOX out there. GO ROX. :lol:

DO NOT . . . DO NOT . . . DO NOT . . . start a promotion based on numbers of runs scored. You could lose your shirt in this one. Gonna be some runs scored in the thin air by . . . somebody.

yankess fan… almost a billion dollars spent in the past seven years and no world series… that’s tough… SOX cannot be touch… Patrios are going 16-0 and celtics may have a shot this year… great time to be a sports fan in new england… my prediction… sox will take it on 5 games

Nick you may lose in the short term, however, anytime you can get new customers through your door there is a long term payoff…

Last year they all said “Detroit in 4”…one guy on ESPN even joked “Detroit in 3”! Well, we have a lot of stuff around St. Louis here with “World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals” on it that should tell you…DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT EVERYONE IS PREDICTING!!! :smiley:

It is a great time when your team is in the World Series…enjoy!


. . . . unless you end up paying off on the home team’s slaughter and everyone has horrible memories of your place. Not saying it’s gonna happen, but it could.

I love fans like this guy. Yells, screams and cheers on teams in his area blindly but I guarantee you if you were to ask him who plays third for the Red Sox or to name an offensive lineman from the Pats he’s stare out you blankly for a minute and then start yelling, " GOOO PATS ! YEAH 16-0 ! " again.

FACTS: Just in case you’re interested in them.

  1. The Yankees have been in 3 World Series in the last 7 years and have won one of them.

  2. As a Yankee fan, why would I care how much they spend on players ???
    The Red Sox didn’t win one until they started spending money.

  3. Yankees: 26 World Series Championships 39 American League Pennants.

  4. Red Sox: 1(soon to be 2) World Series Championships in 61 years. Hmmmm 26… 2…

I appreciate the enthusiasm but you lose points for being a bandwagoner. Enjoy the ride while it lasts !

(I’m not a Bostnian, but a fan of Baseball) This year primary starter was Mike Lowell. Youkilis started about 12 games there for them, but that is incidental. Center field and 2B are more anonymous than the guy who is 5th in AL in RBI and 7th in AL in batting average.

I can rattle off the Braves 25 man roster (at least the ones who spent more than a month on it), but am hard pressed to mention too many Atlanta Falcons . . . not a footballer.

TD. sorry to disappoint you but I probably know more about football and baseball than u… I’m dominican, I was born in baseball… I played AA shortstop back in DR… very close of being drafted… long story… I played wide reciever in high school… anything else? I can name you the whole red sox team and most of their minor leaguers… football?? if you follow football you should notice that the pats look unbeatable… who’s the only team that may beat them? colts? we’ll see next week… I can beat u anything u want the pats are crushing indy… so trust me when I tell you… I never miss a patriots game… I go to at least 4 homes games a year… red sox… 162 games is a lot so maybe I missed a couple here and there but u can ask me anything about either team and trust me you’ll get ur answer… pizza and sports is my life… after family of course…


I guess I was wrong with my 5 games prediction LOL. they did it in 4…even better… GO SOX!!!

The only baseball fact you’ve given so far was proven incorrect. It’s hard to believe any real baseball fan, especially a Red Sox fan, would not know that the Yankees have been in three World Series the last 7 years, winning one of them.

And if you knew anything about football you’d know that it is sooo hard to go 16-0 in the NFL. So many things can happen. I doubt that anyone will try and argue that the Pats are not a great team, that’d be silly. But as a knowledgeable football fan you have to consider how these Pats will play when the weather gets bad and they’re forced to run. Something they haven’t been doing very well due to injury and the success of the pass. One other thing you have to consider is that when Week 17 roles around the Pats will have home field sewn up and will put in their backups vs. the NY Giants who will most likely be fighting for the division.

But I’m sure you’ve already considered that…bandwagoner.

Okay, I wanted to refrain from responding to this but, I just can’t.

Dude, you have NO clue how close and how incredible the fan network in New England is. Bandwagon? HAH. I can’t cite several stats but I am a fan.

I do know that the Pats are through and through. Yesterday, they had three running touchdowns and one defensive running touchdown. And then there is that average of almost 42 points per game!

Yesterday the SOX SWEPT too : )

We are the most complete team in football. We have every aspect. Each year is different.

For you to generalize this poster is silly. New England is UNITED, unlike any place in this country.

Remember the Raiders in the SNOW BOWL?

I wonder how Payton spell check will do in the snow : ) But his home court is in a dome.

Now, I am wondering how those rockie shops rocked in sales!! I hope it was a huge rush.