Go Rockies!!!

I have three friends in the New England area(Nashua,NH-Plymouth,MA) and have been to 6 Patriot games and 3 Red Sox games(1 vs Seattle where the Rocket actually batted !) in both Foxboro and Fenway respectively. My friends are very passionate Red Sox/Pats fans. We email regularly and I take two trips each year to visit. So I know how it is up there.

You shouldn’t be offended by anything I said PizzaDiva. I was talking to RaymiR specifically and apologize if you thought I was claiming the entire NE area to be bandwagoneers.

Red Sox fans are a lot more dedicated and passionate then the Patriot fans are. They’ve always been behind their team Patriot fans have not. In the '90s you could call the stadium a week before a game and still get tickets… from the stadium ! But now that they’re winning everyone claims to have ALWAYS loved the Pats.

This is what drives my NE friends and myself crazy.

Last Yankees world series win = 2000. Let’s count back the last 7 seasons… 2007… 2006… 2005… 2004… 2003… 2002… 2001… no world series win in last 7 seasons (feel free to go back and count again though).

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I was responding to RaymiR comment of "almost a billion dollars spent in the past seven years and no world series… ". When this was posted there had been 7 completed World Series 2006(1),2005(2),2004(3),2003(4),2002(5),2001(6),2000(7). The Yankees won in 2000, and participated in the 2001 and 2003 World Series.
Even if we were to eliminate the 2000 World Series win, his comment was still incorrect since they were in it in 2001 and 2003.

Next time know what you’re talking about before you chime in with your two cents.

watch out guys I’m jumping in the wagon… lol… td make sense… u contradicting urself… I never said they haven’t appeared in the world series… they haven’t won’t since 2000 yes or no?.. 2000-2007?.. seven years? oh I guess I gotta check my math… and some parts of ur statement is right about the pats… week 17 against the giants you are not going to see the second string guys… why? because bill doesn’t work that way… this year he’s out to make a statement because all the sh@t that he took with the whole camera crap… let me guess you are one of those who think the pats cheated? in my eyes they broke a rule… no cameras and he used it… where r u from? what’s ur hometown team?.. since I’m a bandwagon fan… I can tell you more about ur home team than u’ll know… I think is funny how u count WS apperances as win… damnn that’s pretty interesting… GO PATS GO SOX!!! from the bandwagon fan raymir lol

Actually, Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, found the Patriots GUILTY of cheating with their use of cameras.

So yes, you can count Roger and I as ‘one of those’ who KNOW the Pats cheated.

You’re now up to three incorrect statements on sports RaymiR. Keep it going ! You’re definitely proving me wrong ! lol

damnn you couldn’t be more wrong… actually what Roger said was the patrios broke a rule and they didn’t use the video taping for cheating or game use… they video tapped for study purpose… so there you go smarty lol… how am I wrong when I keep proving you wrong?..and in my opinion there’s a difference on cheating and breaking a rule… of they cheating would be like stealing their playbook etc… breaking a rule is bill you can’t tape the other team, you can look on your own at the signs but u can’t tape them to study them…

what’s wrong with ur math man lol
you gotta love sports…for situation like this…

Okie Dokie then. I sort of understand what you are saying but viewing from my neck of the woods, it looks like you’re targeting the poster and we stick together even though I don’t know him/her from Adam. I guess it is a New England thing.

MY NE friends don’t go nuts when there is support for any team. It’s natural for people to jump on a wagon when “their” team is ahead. Human Nature, so to speak: )



I hate to continue to go off topic…this is the last, promise.

I agree.

I disagree with what the Pats did. I do know however, it’s done a lot and they got caught. So, it’s a driven passion to prove how good they can be even more than ever and… they sure are doing it.

Ray, what area of MA is your store located and do you do tossed or pan?


LOLOLOL !!! “in my opinion there’s a difference on cheating and breaking a rule…”

Wow. :shock:

Anything else you’d like to say to me please do it through PM. I’d like to spare the rest of the TT posters having to deal with your ignorance.

You are a funny character…i think is hillarious when I call you out on something and you don’t say anything… your defense is something stupid to try to make me look stupid but you are making yourself look worse than what u look now…anyways i don’t come here to make enemies, I’m here to make friends and it seems that TD is getting pretty pissed off so I’m droping it here… good combo td…for me this is fun is like being at the bar with my buddies, arguing about sports but at the end of the day we still buds… in this case we still pizza bros…

I don’t own a store yet… hopefully next year hopefully… I’m saving money at the moment and looking for an opportunity… I work for my brother-in-law … in Millis,MA www.louiespizzeria.net this the website I designed for the shop…

oh man that’s perfect… certainly explains alot.

In all seriousness pizza brother, the website looks bad. That computer voice is ridiculous and it’s just plain sloppy. Just my opinion.

Dayum. And people don’t like ME?!? That was cold busted . . . true personal impression or not.

Tellin’ a guy on a public forum he’s built a “sloppy” web site is like saying my sauce is as good as Pizza Hut’s. (which a customer recently did tell me as a sincere compliment . . . whew)

yeah real classy guy, this one…

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I’m sure he’d prefer hearing an honest opinion about the appearance of the site on here rather than a potential customer ‘telling’ him it’s sloppy by looking at it, not like what they see and moving on to another pizza place.

Point well taken. I do tend to send those shots in private messages . . . and I’m certainly willing to let people do it in public forum too. Thick skinned we must be to survive the pizza kitchen.

hey if that’s what you think… no problem… is your personal opinion… we get nothing but compliments about our site… specially for something I threw together in a few hours… not everybody has the same taste…

This forum provides space for private messages. Clearly, you chose not to do that. I wonder how the spirit is in your shop with YOUR attitude and lack of consideration.



PizzaDiva “I wonder how the spirit is in your shop with YOUR attitude and lack of consideration.”

The spirit in my shop is very good. I’ll admit it took a while for my crew to get used to my style and some chose to leave rather than work here.There were no hard feelings and it was always amiable. The employees I have now know that I say what I mean and mean what I say. It’s no nonsense and very straight forward work enviorment. When I tell someone to remake a pizza because it doesn’t look good they don’t take it personally. I expect the same honesty from them as well. If they don’t like something, they speak rather than getting upset or complaining to another employee that can’t help them.

When you’re firm but fair, straight-forward and open it creates an positive atmosphere that employees feel comfortable in. They know what to expect and know that what you’re telling them is the truth. At first, it might be offensive. But then they begin to take comfort in it.

If you’re sugar-coating everything for your employees, avoiding confrontation and only say the ‘nice things’ and not the necessary things you’re letting yourself and you staff down. It’s a fake, unstable atmosphere.

RaymiR’s a big boy. He took the critisim for what it’s worth and moved on. Now he has a least one person that has been honest with him about it.

You missed my point. What goes on in your shop and how you manage it has zip to to with the consideration of your peer - a partner in pizza. When you failed to take a PERSONAL negative opinion to the side stage, you demonstrated a character, an image. Additionally, as previously stated, it appeared as though you were attacking this poster and despite the talk you talked, you walked your talk when you said what you said in an open forum. When a pizza is not made correctly do you insult your professional in the presence of customers or do you whisper “lets try to improve that pie and I’ll go catch a convo with the customer”?

BTW, I think his site is CUTE and I sold my shop : )


Missed the point ?? You were wondering what the spirit at my shop is like and I answered you.

Also, RaymiR said he was cool with my comment about his website and that we were still ‘pizza bros’. So if it doesn’t bother him, what the heck do you care ?

Who do you think you are telling me what I should say in private and what I can say in the forum ? You may be the Diva of something, somewhere but you don’t get to tell me what to do.

Step off.