Gourmet Pizza Ideas

Hey everybody. Well its been 4 months since taking over the shop and we’re having a great time. I wish the sales were better, but each week brings a little higher number. Anyway, its time to redo our menu and I want to get some ideas from you guys (and gals) about different gourmet pizza offerings. We currently have a deluxe, a veggie, spinach, chicken spinach, meatza, cheesteak, hawaiian and a margherita. We are thinking of adding a buffalo chicken, a BBQ chicken and pork, chicken ranch. We’ve even experimented with a chili pizza (chili as the base with cheedar cheese, green peppers, onions, beef and sausage). I just wanted to see if the Think Tankers had any other odd balls that might turn out to be a winner. Let me know.



A Reuben pizza sells great here when we have it. (its a special people love)

Also a

  • Alredo chicken and broccoli
  • Crab and artichoke

One of the most interesting (and tasty) pizzas that we ran as a weekly special was a Big Mac pizza. (Changed the name, of course…)

I know it sounds weird, but I swear it was AWESOME! :smiley:

Yes, I realize that the OP is looking for GOURMET pizza ideas, and one does not necessary think of Big Mac and Gourmet in the same sentence…

Still, it is an interesting pie, and it’s great!

A big mac pizza? lol that would probally go over pretty well. We also have a double bacon burger that does well. mrkona, I’d love to know how you make that if you don’t mind telling :slight_smile:

No worries! First off, please be aware this is just a close adaptation… We took a few creative liberties, but it really did taste almost exactly like a Big Mac when we were done! :slight_smile:

First, the big mac sauce - mayo, ketchup, relish (you have to play with the ratio a bit…)

So, we would spread the special sauce (not too thick, as some will be drizzled on top after cooking…), mozzarella cheese, ground beef (liberally spread over the pie), Maui Onions (or whatever sweet white onion you can get), Sesame Seeds, cheddar cheese.

Julienned romaine lettuce and a drizzle of the sauce both come after cooking and cutting.

We opted to not put pickles on the pizza, as there is pickle relish in the sauce. It did seem a little bit lacking in toppings, so a couple of the popular variations were: diced tomato (for a little color and fresh flavor), and my personal favorite: BACON! :smiley:

Mmmmmmm… Bacon Big Mac Pizza… aaaaggrrrgtghghhgrhghhhhhhh… ← (Drooling Homer-Style) :lol:

There’s a place about an hour away from me that does a lot of gourmet pizzas. Check out the menu on their website:


They have a macaroni & cheese pizza, baked ziti pizza, ravioli pizza, potato skin pizza, lasagna pizza, and a bunch of others.

Check with the folks at PMQ (Liz Barrett) <Liz@pmq,com> They might have a few of the Survival Guides still available from the PMQ Dough Information Center. This booklet contains a number of great pizza presentations. Also, be sure to check the RECIPE BANK, search word “pizza” to see what turns up.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Well we don’t call ours gourmet pizzas we call them crazy creations…We just run them as specials they are not on the menu except bbq and chix broc alfredo

Of course chix broc alfredo
Spinach alfredo
BBQ chicken (we use sweet baby ray’s as sauce, bacon, ham chicken)

Frito Pie Chili (with beans) as sauce, mozz, cheddar and topped with fritos

Mexican refried beans as the sauce, beef, tomato, cheddar mozz, onion, black olive and then lettuce and sour cream after it is cooked

mustard as the sauce, beef, bacon, extra onion, pickles yes cook em, cheddar and mozz. We did try a big mac variety using 1000 island but was a little wierd.

Peanut Butter and jelly. Cook the crust then put on PBJ. Man it is good

Philly-Roast beef drenched in au ju (no sauce) onion, green pepper and provel cheese.

Thats all I can think of right now. Heck have fun with it…put anything and everything on a pizza you will be surprised.

@Kris ( and others doing the “cheeseburger”) are you using just the std. yellow prepared mustard, spread thinly on the pie before topping? I’ve often wondered when I read folks doing a cheeseburger pizza and their menu lists “ketchup, mustard”…the great thing about pizza is there isn’t a “bad” one out there, just some I wouldn’t do again!!

yes just good ol mustard. Not as heavy as you would pizza sauce but not light enough that you see through it.

Make sure to try it as is. I hate mustard and pickles but love it on the pizza. We use cut up pickle spears and use plenty of them. I also think extra onion makes for a better one. If any of you have heard of white castle’s that is what it tastes like.


We have tried to mix in catsup all different ways and don’t like it with catsup.

Speaking of the Big Mac pizza, one of my co workers made a KFC pizza! I suggested (only half seriously) that we try an Arby’s pizza.

But here’s a suggestion as far as gourmet pizzas go:

How about a Chicken Cordon Bleu with a base of blue cheese/dijon mustard topped with ham, chicken and Swiss? It sells great at our store!

Ball Park Pizza:
-Spicy mustard for the base
-Polish sausage slices

Sounds terrible, tastes amazing

Coming soon (still looking for a name for this one)
-Red pepper hummus for the base
-Baby spinach
-Red onion
-Chicken (optional)

Tastes great and is an excellent option for someone looking for veggie options.

We have a recipe search on our website at http://www.BurkeCorp.com/Recipes where you can search by

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    We update new recipes when we get time to test them so check back.

We also have two recipes books available for download on the same page featuring Mexican-Italian Fusion and more traditional recipes.


Has anyone tried sauerkraut on pizza? I had it recently and it was amazing. The acidity really compliments the richness of the cheese.


For everyone who does Pesto sauce pizzas, do you make your own pesto, or buy it pre-made? If you buy pre-made, what brands do you use, and isn’t it very expensive compared to the cost of regular pizza sauce?

We buy it pre-made. Ask your food supplier they will have several choices. Yes it costs a lot compared to regular sauce. We up-charge as a double price topping for it

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