Gourmet Pizza Ideas

We did something similar with Bratwurst instead and called it “Wurst Pizza Ever!”

Bernatello’s has a pizza that is sold in the Midwest that is in their BrewPub line that is exactly that. Sauerkraut on pizza is something more people need to try. It truly compliments the other ingredients.

We offer a “Steak and Lobster” pizza that consist of garlic butter on the crust, 8 ounces of tenderloin tips (raw) 5 ounces of lobster slipper meat (raw), heavy on romano cheese, and light whole-milk mozz.
I would love to add a picture of one, but unsure if that is allowed or not

We also do a straight steak pizza done the same way minus lobster. The customers also have the option of adding blue cheese and bacon to make it a “Black & Blue” pizza
I keep sticks of garlic butter in the cooler about the diameter of a 50-cent piece, and slice of wafers of it as needed for these. it is way easier than trying to spread soft butter on dough.
We also do a pizza with smoked beef brisket, bacon, mozzarella, & white cheddar cheese curds that is our “House Special”

we do a lot of gourmet pizzas and a special of the month that’s a little above and beyond like buffalo chicken pizza and bacon mac and cheese…steak and lobster sounds good! may have to try that on an R&D day.

Try Krautzza at your next R&D day.
Or try this artisanal pepperoni.

Trust me, you will love both.

i can’t stand Sauerkraut but Pastrami is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world my mouth is drooling already. :print:

We have sauerkraut on our menu for years. We sell a “Sour Pig” which is Canadian Bacon and Sauerkraut, but you can get it with any other toppings. My favorite lately is Italian Sausage & kraut.

I love it! That’s great to hear Idaho Pizza Man. I’ll definitely have to try a “Sour Pig”. That sounds great.