half orders

Or what about the ones who want 1/2 Mexican (for the adults) and 1/2 Hawaiian (for the kids) and then complain because of the chilli sauce has seeped on to the kids side … or those who ask for no cheese on one half and then complain because they can “taste” cheese on the non cheese side or the cheese has melted a little over that side.
Give me a break. The more they want something different the more they will find something to complain about.

Richard, old son, you got me on a roll now :lol:


If being the “pizza nazi” is directed at me then so be it. In the end of the day we have a wide and varied menu that they can choose from.

It just reminded me of that seinfeld episode with the soup nazi, but i understand your point of view as well and we do have a flooded market over here.

We also round up odd number of halfs to the next whole number. Except half specialty pizza when they pay the price for a full specialty pizza. Unfortunately, like Nick, we have point of success which doesn’t allow this pricing structure. You can either set it to “charge most expensive half” So a pizza that’s cheese only on half and 4 toppings on the other half costs as a 4 topping pizza Or set it to price half toppings as half the price of a full topping. There is no way to make it round up an odd number of half toppings without a cumbersome workaround.


Dave is far from a pizza nazi…that seems harsh. What people need to remember is that Dave is in a different country, and things are different. He has delivery charges that people in the US would never pay.

We do half and half without any issues. If there’s different sauces, we explain the bleed over. We do quarters for our lunch slices to offer more of a selection. We just try to make a definite cut line. For our restaurant, if the customer wants it, we TRY to accomodate. Being in a part of the country where we still have the highest unemployment rate, we can’t afford right now to be choosey.

But, this is what works for us. We also price our halfs like Bodegahwy. It’s just an average of all of the toppings on the pizza.

Again it was just a joke (the pizza nazi part)

No offense taken. I treated as a joke the way it was intended in the first place. Heck, I would be one of the worst for paying out on people, especially Nick. :lol:

Funny thing is one night a guy came in and was very much under the weather and very abusive. He continued to harass staff and then called out to the make bench to get their finger out and work harder. I took his order off the bench and picked up his half made pizza and dumped it in the bin. I aksed if he knew of the soup nazi from Seinfield and he said yes. I said well I’m the pizza nazi and there is no pizza for you. We were very busy and crowded that night and you couldn’t hear yourself from the customers laughing at this guy as he stumbled out of th shop with his tail well and truly between his legs.

So being called the pizza nazi doesn’t bother me at all.


They can’t even figure out how to read your menu without a slide ruler, so how do you think they can figure out ordering half and half of anything . . . . they’d stroke out just contemplating it.

That is awesome, I would have paid money to see that.

Half a topping is charged half price. Half a specialty is charged half price.

We do not do 1/3’s, 1/4’s, 1/8’s, or one slice with extra mushrooms, but no onions.

I would love to only do wholes as we could pump out so many more pizzas, have less mistakes and save labor but you have to do what you have to do. The market and your competition usually determine what you have to do. The only way I can see going to only wholes is if we just get so busy as to be maxed out.

I was thinking that a simple $1 split dish charge may be viable some day.