Halloween Friday... what are you going to do?

I thought maybe I saw a thread on this topic before, but couldn’t find anything. If there already is, my apologies.

So, Halloween is on a Friday this year. We had a decent Halloween last year being on a Wednesday, but I’m afraid that this year could adversely affect our normal busy Friday. I’m thinking that I’m going to try to promote early deliveries and pre-orders. Any of you Think-Tankers willing to share your ideas?

The public schools here only have a 1/2 day so I will start my deliveries about 2 hours earlier than normal. Maybe send out boxtoppers the week before to remind parents to feed the kids so they won’t be tempted to eat the candy before supper.

business as usual this is one of our best days of the year

We are expecting a record day. Deliveries are always incredible on halloween starting around 4:00 to feed little Johnny before he goes trick or treating.Then again after he goes trick or treating around 8:00 if mom has not fed the kids yet we usually get another rush. Late night always rocks on halloween with all of the parties and with this year falling on a Friday late night should only be busier! If you have a Delco I would expect a great day!

Halloween + Friday + Payday = Busiest day of the year. In 2003, the last time Halloween fell on a Friday it was our busiest day of the year, possibly ever. Advertise call ahead orders or Take n Bakes if you can.

Should be very busy, We give every “Trick-or-Treater” a free drink or slice of pizza. We average 250 to 300 of them. Even giving away all of this our actual sales are usually up 50% to 60%. It gets pretty crazy!

It’s our 1st weekend Halloween, so we’ll be holding onto our butts. We don’t know if our town will explode with pizza orders or dry up some. We’ll be box topping and possibly direct mail at end of month. It will be after a big festival vending project in a neighboring town a week earlier.

We give out candy to costumed Trick-or-Treaters: http://tinyurl.com/pizza-treat . Other sites may be cheaper, but this is cheapest we’ve found for these. It is an annual tradition for us until we find a better pizza-realted treat to give out.

Happy Halloween! My suggestion would be to make sure you have plenty of Pizza Delivery bags for Halloween Friday the 31rst! It never fails that every year we have customers who call the day before and have to pay UPS Overnight fees to get the bags in time. With everything going on it is an easy thing to overlook. Check us out at www.deliverybags.com we have great bags at great prices. We are a family company and we back up all of our products. All of our bags are in stock and ship the day you order them :slight_smile: Regardless of who you order your bags from it is important to be stocked up for the night! Good luck to everyone and we hope to hear from you.

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Points for creative segue into the forum and the thread. I guess I’ll recheck the number of bags to be sure we have one for every driver (that’s one total) and order more if we think we’ll need them. Is DOES sound like good advice to check the condition and number of bags for the pending potential onslaught of commercial success on All Hallows Eve.

Come on Nick you have to give points for this too.

bagsolutions, thanks for the reminder I will be calling deliverybags.com to get matching bags to what I have now.

I sent a thank you message to these folks for the way they entered our forum.

I am just cranky that I only have one delivery driver . . . and she’s likely going to be taking her kids trick/treating that night :shock: Kinda don’t think I’ll need all the bags we already have. Gonna be a wild one in Grantville on Halloween.

We’re doin’ it “Dave Style” that night . . . with ‘pizzazz’, an overweight & balding chef, and a freakishly complicated pricing system.

bagsolutions, thanks for the reminder I will be calling deliverybags.com to get matching bags to what I have now.

Not sure how you meant this Daddio, but deliverybags.com is Bag Solutions

Yes and that is who I will get them from. Just keeping you on your toes :slight_smile: I was not trying to divert others here. I was actually making an endorsement. Yes I know that is really out of character for me but when I find what I like I stick with it.

Sorry, thought you were telling them to buzz off(more in your "charmed, angry, negative character :lol: ) and pitching another company.

we use your bags, they are awesome. very good quality & very inexpensive.

were gonna rock it

:lol: That’s what I thought too. And I was thinking, “Hey, that was actually a pretty decent first post for a vendor.”

I guess you guys missed this in their first post.

Besides the gummi pizzas and delivery bag suggestion, it doesn’t sound like anyone is going to do anything drastically different this Halloween. Or, people are keeping tight-lipped. :?

I too am planning for a big Fright Night Friday, but I want to have fun too. So we’re going to hold a costume contest for the kiddies. We’ll award some pizzas for the best costumes and give the kiddies a free slice of pizza. Should be fun and hopefully divert some deliveries to dine in.

Good luck.

Good Morning Everyone! I do apologize for the plug and I promise not to advertise in posts. My reminder was geniune in that a lot of owners do overlook this. I do enjoy reading these topics but will keep my company out of it :slight_smile: Again good luck to everyone on Halloween!!