Help with new website

I just finished my new website and value everybodys ideas here on the TT so I would like your comments on it, the good the bad and the ugly!

I find the red writing on black hard to read and the font is a bit on the small side.

Your logo doesn’t look very “clean” almost like it was scanned in. This may be intentional, but I yhink it detracts from the the initial impression. I also believe every pizza website should include a printable menu.

Hi Pizza guy.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but it really looks like someone with little design/IT experience has done this.

On your home page - the layout is poor, (the shops contact details - the most IMPORTANT thing about your shop - in the middle) its just a list of text, no pictures of your pies. A quote of the ‘best Gourmet Pizza in the world’ (voted by? source?). It does nothing for me and I doubt for your customers - why would they go there?

My advice - pay someone a few $100 to either get a much better ‘off the shelf site’ or something designed for you which looks a lot better. To be honest unless you are getting online orders you only need a very basic site so spend the money on LAYOUT AND DESIGN.

The problem with some many of these ‘a website in just a few clicks’ is that they end up looking rubbish.

There have been some really good examples of sites on here in the last few months look around and talk to those who have done them.


The logo is being re-scaled when it is displayed…But also, I think it could have been a better copy to begin with…

I will have to agree. The red on black is tough to read and the logo is blurry. Pics are a huge part of websites. They make you wanna call and order. Show your product and make people want to eat :slight_smile:

ugly ugly ugly

Tacky and not helpful.

OP, there are lots of ready-made templates out there that you simply upload, put in your logo, type your text, and you have a decent static website. Don’t try to become a web designer yourself if all you need is a presence on the net.

Also, Homestead is pretty pricey for hosting. I have had good luck with Hostgator and it is much less costly.

I think the original image was 440px × 268px and scaled to 477px × 244px. This causes it to lose the crispness of the original.

Ugly,Ugly, Ugly. “You are so right Charles” that statment does not show much class. And being that I consider myself a fairly classie guy, I offer now my sinseer apology to all who post here. Having said that I should have said Iwas refering to the red on black which I still think is ugly. But that is my opinion and realize others may not be of the same mind. So in future posts I’ll try to show a little more class.

Ole doughball

Ok I was surprised to hear the black on red was hard to read because on my computer it really pops out, but thats why I am asking I know it will look different on different computers. So what would you suggest for a good color combination?

I got the file from my printer so I will ask him to see what he can do to make it crisper. I never even thought of being able to print off the menu I will have to figure out how to make that work

You are right I have no experience with design! and I asked for your comments so it is not taken in the wrong way at all. I more or less did this just so I have a menu that people can look at. As far as the Best gourmet pizza in the world well that was just something I think but the Voted best pizza in Lacombe was from a survey put out and we were the top so I guess I should back that up with facts. I will move our location up to the top I missed that one completely

What do you meen rescaled when it is displayed? And yes I need a better file from my printer

I was thinking of adding pictures but from most of the websites I looked at I found alot of the people that had pictures of their own food it didnt really look that good unless you are very good at taking pictures. What about buying stock photos?

I thought it was cheap as it only cost me 8 bucks a month for the whole thing

What do you mean from your printer? Do you scan in your logo? Don’t you have a logo file like a photoshop file, illustrator file, high res jpeg even?

I would assume that what is meant here is the shop that prints his menus has sent him a file.

My printer designed my Logo and I asked him to send me a file that I could use and that is what I put up on my website

You got it Daddio!