Help with Pizza Sauce... again.

Ok, I’ve been trying and trying to come up with a good Chunky and Sweet pizza sauce.
Have tried:
Almost ALL Stanislaus products (doesn’t matter what I put in the sauces, I can not stand that raw tomato flavor that all their products have)
Almost ALL Escalon products (has a hint of the raw tomato flavor like Stanislaus but we can live with it… just can’t find a good blend)
Red Pack - Sauce, Paste, and Tomato Chunks (again, testing out all different kinds of recipes and none of them have a good taste)
Pastorelli’s (the Chef Mate kind)… just don’t like it to much.

I’ve used all kinds of different recipes, from Cornells website, from the Think Tank here, from other websites and even the recipes from Stanislaus and Escalon sites.

What do I do!?!?!!? I’ve been doing this for 8 months now and still have gotten NO WHERE. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

also tried Contadina and Hunts Pizza sauces and regular tomato sauces.

I am switching from Stanislaus to Angela Mia Crushed (Hunt’s). I like the flavor of the Angela Mia and to me it’s sweeter tasting than Stanislaus.

better get your tomato seeds planted now----the sooner you can get the right taste—go to a green store and buy vine rippened tomatoes grown naturaly

By your comments, I think that you just aren’t used to or appreciate real tomato taste. Stanislaus and Escalon are extremely fresh products. If you are used to the cooked down stuff, the premium products are going to taste “raw”. That bright tomato flavor is really something you want. You can change the flavor profile of the sauce by what you add to it. Adding parmesan will cut some acidity and bring out the sweetness. Also, you want to add 1.5 to 2.5% salt to the sauce.

Think of the “raw” taste as a base for what you want to do with the sauce.

scootie, i’ve never tried Angela Mia, what kind of consistancy can you compared it to? Is it a little watery and chunky like 7/11 or thick like a paste?

oldpizzadriver, you a funny guy :roll: :lol:

dewar, you are correct about the real tomato taste… thats what people around this area do not seem to care for. I’ve tried every kind of recipie to change the flavoring of these products, from Parmesan, Ramano, parsley, basil, oregano, onion, onion powder, garlic powder, fresh garlic, brown sugar, white sugar, salt, salt, and more salt, black pepper, cumin, bay leafs, this, that, and the other.

Other thoughts?

It’s the consistency of Full Red Fully prepared pizza sauce. It’s not as smooth as a tomato sauce, but not real chunky or watery.

if you are not happy with canned products you need to make it fresh= vine rippen tomato is your only choice =costly

Sounds like you have run the gamut of ingredients. Do you actually have specific tasters and use the same ones for each tasting? Everyone’s palate is different and you will always find someone who does not like what you made.

Interview tasters and find out things like:

  1. How many different pizza places have they tried and which ones do they like? If they just eat a single brand like Pizza Hut, then they are probably not going to like anything else.
  2. How much of a pizza fan are they? Would they prefer to eat pizza over other restaurant choices?

Keep the criteria objective and serve the same pizza with different sauces for each tasting. You want them to isolate the differences in sauce and have them contrast.

I probably could go on and on but didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so I won’t. The gist of what I am trying to say is get your tasting objective, eliminate as many of the variables as you can, and know who your tasters are (and make sure they are the type of customer you are seeking and that they reflect the cultural norms of your community).

Perhaps some whole plum slightly tossed in the food processor with all the other ingredients mixed with crushed and SLOWLY heated for 12-17 minutes, stirred, steeped and chilled for 8-12 hours. I think you might find a much sweeter sauce if you’ve got the right ingredients. Very labor intense but well worth it.



Have you tried Ragu? I have used it in the past from Sam’s Club and it isn’t too bad. It isn’t SUPER chunky, but it’s too chunky for me. Seems like the chunks are tomatoes and onions. It’s only a few bucks for a #10 can. Give it a try and let me know what you think. It has plenty of tast without being too tomatoey. Is that a word?

russ cox


Wow! Essentially all of the tomato packers that I know go a long ways to maintain/preserve the “fresh tomato” flavor of their products. What is it that you would like your tomato sauce to taste like? Are you tasting the sauce on a baked pizza, or just as a free standing sauce after blending? The sauce changes flavor during the baking process as it is heated and infused with the other flavorings and oils from the cheese.
Just trying to get a handle on what you are looking for.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Have you tried using a chunky spagetti sauce in place of pizza sauce? I use a half and half blend in pizza pasta that comes out chunky and sweeter than just pizza sauce alone, I still add a little sugar and a little more garlic.

scootie, just found Angelina Mia yesterday and will be testing it out tonight… I’ll let you know the results.

dewar, I have all kinds of tasters, from people that love pizza to others that never eat it because everyone around the area taste like crap… I take note on each sauce and who liked or disliked which one, but about 90% of the tasters do not like any of the Stanislaus or Escalon products… the other 10% say they would eat it, not that it’s actually good, just that they would eat it.

russ cox, I have not tried Ragu, I may have to test it out. Do they make a regular Pizza sauce or are you referring to the spaghetti sauce?

crispin, tried fennel, whole-crushed-ground… I’ve come to the conclusion it’s the tomato I have to get right, not the spices… because no matter what spices i use and how much i use, the tomato always determines the outcome.

Tom Lehmann, we always blend the sauce, wait at least 1 day to test it… throw it on a 12" pie and bake everyone of them just like we do with our normal pizzas. Everything is always the same except for the new test sauces. I’m not sure I’ve you’ve ever had Giordano’s pizza in Chicago (it’s a med. size pizza chain), but their sauce is chunky, sweet, and not very “spicy”, referring to oregano/basil/fennel and other spices. I can only assume they are not using Stanislaus or Escalon because the sauce is so dark in color and has no “fresh” tomato flavor in it what-so-ever. I’ve tested recipes I’ve found on-line saying “this is the Giordano’s pizza sauce recipe”, but I assume because I’m not finding the right tomato, that is why it always comes off weird. Now that being said, no, I’m not looking for an exact match to Giordano’s… but it is the best flavor profile that I can come up with to describe what I’m trying to find.

bjdelight, I have not tried regular spaghetti sauce or marinara. In fact yesterday I picked up a marinara sauce just to test it out… I’ll try a spaghetti out though

You missed the best step : )


try mixing them ( marinara and spagetti) half and half Because the spagetti is a little sweeter it tones down the flavor of the tomato in the marinara. I still like to add a little brown sugar to mine tho. Best of luck, I don’t dare change my pizza sauce or my customers know right now. Had to get a couple of cans of something different one weekend cause i ran out and I heard about it loud and clear!!!

Sam’s has Ragu “Pizza Sauce” in #10 cans. Not too bad either.

scootie, we tested out the Angelia Mia… it is pretty good, because it’s so thick i added some water to it to dumb it down because the paste was to rich, but if took out way to much of the flavor. Do you mix yours with something else or add other spices or water to it?

bjdelight, I haven’t thought about mixing those before, i’ll test it out. Thanks!

russ cox, I’m going to have to find someone that has a membership to Sams… I can’t seem to find Ragu Pizza sauce at any of the grocers or supply stores around here.

I think I am going to throw up reading about independents using Ragu…