How Do I prepare for a 150 pizza order?

I have received an order for 150 pizza to be delivered by 10:45 AM. What can I do in advance to prepare for this order. I have to 2 Deck Ovens. Has anybody done large orders like this. Any HELP would be appreciated. I do not want to say yes to the High School until I work out the logisitcs.


you and one or two other people need to come in early and get started, also anything you can do the night before to get ready would greatly help. how long does it take you to cook a pizza and how many can you cook at once?

Can you bring the pizzas over a period of time or do they all have to be there at 10:45? What size are the pizzas and how many can you fit in your oven? How long does it take you to cook a pizza on average?

buy a conveyor oven

I know I can do it w/a conveyor, but a deck

You may need to schedule several delivery times…chances are they can’t/won’t be able to serve all the pies @ once…

how far do you have 2 deliver?

w/a double conveyor I’d start about 45 minutes b4 the need 'em + the del time required 3 get there…

You can slap out your skins & put them on screens & racks, but I reckon you don’t use screens…hmmm…

ya might try to “borrow” some of those plastic racks the bread companies use for "stacking/shelving/staging…

slap out the dough…place on parchment paper on top of a pizza circle & stack 1-by-1 on the bread racks…

skins will keep for 45+ minutes b4 u sauce & cheese 'em…

hope that helps…

Well----I am actually an IT Guy gone Pizza owner (part time). My Pie guy can fit 10 pies (5 on each deck). Our fear is that the ovens will turn cold from opening and closing to much and that will add to the time. If I calculate a 7 minute Production time (we are at 1050 minutes) That is 17.5 hours. Jeez we would have to start the night before…I have 2 people that make my pies.

I am getting nervous - THis is the LARGEST order we have ever had .

Check your math again.

Why is my Math Wrong?

Maybe your math isn’t wrong. If it takes 7 minutes to prepare a pizza to go into the oven, I would reccomend you pass on this order. You can’t sell pizzas that were prepared 18 hours earlier. Now if 7 minutes is your cook time, with 10 pizzas in the oven at once, it’ll take 1:45 to cook all of the pizzas. Add half an hour to be safe. AS i said, if “production time” means how long to slap, sauce, cheese and put toppings on, you probably shouldn’t mess with this order.

sounds to me like you are going to try “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE”
i had an order for 160 pies with 3 diff del times and barely pulled it off with a conveyor on a 18" belt @ 25 pies an hour.i have a proofing cabinet that holds
18 boxed pies,i had the other ones strewn all over the kitchen,some on my 6’
griidle,on the 4’ char broiler,and some inside my smoker[fits 10]
the worst part is the product suffered drastically from setting to long.
good luck…

it may be prudent to contact the customer and let him know what production you can do,
hopefully, he can coordinate his needs with your production,
good luck, let us know how it goes,


You’ll fill the oven 15 times at 7 minutes a pop, you’re not going to deliver a consistent product (some will be cold at delivery). The problem is that I doubt any of the pizza joints can pull this off. I’d tell them that you can get 50 to them but you can’t get 150.

To accomplish this, load oven 1 with 5 pies. Wait a couple of mins and load the other oven with 5 pies. When the top oven is done, unload all 5 and reload. Box and cut the ones you just pulled. Now switch ovens.

To do this, you’ll need 2 guys on the make line, 1 on the oven, and 1 on the cutting table.

If there is a chance you might have to pass on this order you might consider splitting the order with another pizza guy in town. If you put it together and present the package to the school then they only have to say yes or no. If you put the problem back in their lap they would undoubtedly take the whole order to someone else.

I tell customers who come to me on this that it is better to get the order complete from a few places. It sounds like it is impossible to complete this for you. figure that its going to take 10 minutes per 10 pies… equating to 150 minutes to complete this (including cold oven). if you get the order for 50-60 pies, you can provide better quality and service.

Don’t get discouraged, its impossible with 2 deck ovens unless you start 3 hours ahead of time.

The only thing I can think of is to bake 100 of them ahead of time slightly undercooking them. Then when it’s time, you start by doing 50 fresh then as your ovens start to cool you can finish off the rest of the 100.

Of course, the quality of the pizza would be a concern. But logistically I think you can pull it off.

you could also make your skins the day before, par-bake them…

then on D-Day, brush/spray them w/olive oil, sauce & cheese (same staging I mentioned b4) and you’ll be able to cut your cooking time dramatically…

there are some “trix” 2 making an excellent par-bake shell…

there are some “trix” 2 making an excellent par-bake shell…

Anybody mind sharing some tricks on the par-bake approach

The 150 pies are for a 9th grade orientation for 600 freshmen kids. So - quality is something that we can mange expectations on.


There is no way 150 pizzas are all going to be hot, see if you can spread it out and have 50 there at 10:45 50 at 11:35 and 50 at 12:25. If I was you I would get all you skins docked out, 6 to a tray? thats 25 trays. One guy throws, one guy sauces, one guy cheeses, one on ovens, and one at the cut table. You should be able to make a pizza ready to load in 30 sec, figure ten min to make and cook 10 pizzas. 15min delivery time out of the oven at 10:30. get the first 10 in at 9:40 if you do that and keep the time to 10 min for 10 pizza you will be fine. Just remember to stay calm. Its a lot of pizza but its just pizza.

I think I just won my argument for conveyor ovens… :roll:

Uncle Ralph,

Step 1…the day before, slap out pizzas and place them on a screen
Step 2…parbake them in the oven (3:30 @ 300 degrees)
Step 3…put them in boxes and seal them from outside air (trashbag works)
Step 4…place skins in the cooler for next day
Step 5…get there early, pull pizzas from cooler; sauce, cheese, and portion
Step 6…(This is a “cheater step”) Crank up your ovens a little hotter than normal and run the pizzas through faster.

Here’s the deal:

There’s no way you can deliver 150 at once. It’s just not happening. However, if you ask them for an hour window so you can make a couple deliveries you’ve got roughly 2 1/2 hours to make these pizzas.

I’m assuming you’ve got a doublestack of deck ovens. With the temps cranked up to cook pizzas in 5 minutes as opposed to 7 and a projected starting delivery time of 11 AM with your last delivery at NOON I’ve come up with this plan:

9 AM - start saucing and topping your pizzas. You’ve got to go fast because 150 pizzas in two hours translates to 75 pies/hour
10:00 AM - start loading them into the oven.
10:40 AM - Have your driver leave with the first batch of pizzas and arrive a little early (This buys you an extra 20 minutes of delivery time).
11:00 AM - Have your second driver leave with the scond batch of pizzas.
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Deliver the rest

Ideally, this order can be made with 75 minutes of cook time:

60 mins/hr / 5 min make times = 12 batches/hr.
12 batches/hr. x 10 pies per batch = 120 pies/hr.
You’ll need 3 more batches at 5 min. each to finish off the order.

The only thing I don’t know about is temp decreases when you open the door. If it’s really bad, don’t open that door too long or you’re screwed.



My confidence level has gone up a bit and will let you all know how we make out. It is not until the summer but nevertheless THANKS A BUNCH

Uncle Ralph


You probably (hopefully) meant a 7 minute COOK time.
Here’s the math. Lets say the ovens DO cool down, and lets ADD time for cutting the done ones and loading the new ones. Give each 10-pizza batch about TEN minutes to be completed. You need to do Fifteen batches of 10 pizzas, right? Thats 150 minutes. So you can COOK your 150 pies in 2 to 2.5 hours.
If you meant you take 7 minutes to make a crust and top it - then you do indeed have a problem.