How Do You Compare?

Here are some interesting statistics on “the average” U.S. pizza shop. How does your pizza shop compare to these averages?

The Average Pizzeria Owner:
-Has been in business 11.5 years
-Has 15 employees
-Charges $1 for delivery
-Makes dough and forms it by hand
-Serves Pepsi
-Spends 2-5% of sales on marketing

Number of Consumers per Pizza Store:
-Italy 1,450
-USA 4,052

  • China 130,000

When They Started:
Lombardi’s 1905
Pizza hut 1954
Little Caesars 1959
Domino’s 1960
Sbarro’s 1967
Papa John’s 1985

Pizza Sales By Category:
Carryout 36%
Delivery 31%
Dine In 28%
Catering 3%
Take and Bake 2%

In business 10 years yesterday.

9-18 employees depending on season. (It was more before I sold one of the stores)

$2.20 for delivery.

Make dough and form by hand.

Serve pepsi.

Spend 5-7% marketing.

Congrats on the 10 year mark! That’s great - must be good pizza!

Opened 15 years ago

50 Employees (2 Locations)

2.00 For Delivery

Make own dough, use dough roller and form by hand

Serve Pepsi

6-8% on marketing

Dine In