How important is a usp?

How important is a usp to your business? Do you have one? If so, what is it? Has it changed over the years?

how’s this one

I like it.

Does it work for you?

If I understand the concept, our USP (unique selling point) is that we are a local business enmeshed and committed to the community and its heritage. We have lived in our small town fewer than 6 years, and we probably know more people, and more about the families and history of our town than most people who have lived here their entire lives. We celebrate our town and its history in as much of what we do as we can. We celebrate families and the glory of small towns.

When people see us anywhere in the county, they may not know our names, but they know we are those pizza people from Nick’s in Grantville. We are networking machines who try to connect small business owners around the various small towns together to be aware and mutually supportive of each other. That is our unique business to business USP.

As far as product, simple, fresh ingredients prepared simply and expertly. We didn’t do it right, then we fix it no questions asked (the first couple of times).

Nick -

It tells the world why they should give you their money instead of someone else’s.

home of the whopper
better ingredients…better pizza
Yes, Pizza was meant to taste this good!
When it absolutly, positively has to be their overnight.

We are baking history at Nick’s.

  • both celebrating the old and creating the new history ourselves.

Bigger, Better, FASTER!!!

To start with ours was - “Bigger, Fresher, Tastier”

Our new one coming out within the the next week - “Real Pizzas - Unreal Taste”


I see some good usp’s here.

Who feels that it’s a must in our business?

It depends…In some market merely opening the doors causes the money to roll in…In other markets you have to sell your soul and 1st born child to get any volume…

It’s the concept you are selling.

That’s why the corporates spend huge amounts on R & D to come up with phrases such as pizzatime outlined.

Coca Cola topped it with “Things go better with Coke”

You need to make a statement that consumers remember you about from the thousands of other businesses vying for the consumer dollar.


“You’ll love what’s not in our pizza”…then the story on the back of my menu…

then, “You’ll love what’s in our pizza”, same story on the back of the menu…

and, I think that if it cannot be conveyed (no offense for deck oven owners) in one line that it sucks for being effective…so I am still struggling with mine

my vote for the best is Paul’s “Bigger, Better, Faster”
…I’d steal and use it here if I thought I could back it up, and any law suits that could come,

somebody send me one I can use…all those consultants out there, now’s your time to shine !
Otis :slight_smile:

Family pizza. Family friendly prices.
We just started this with our new ad campain so we will see how it goes

Great Scott’s Pizza
“Great American Pizza”

I started using it after listening to Sean Hannity on the radio, he always tells his callers they are “Great Americans” then it hit me, I am not Italian and we have a large selection of specialty pizzas that are definitely not Italian, so I wanted to say we are an American pizza concept. I plan on taking this further with decor and photos of my town from the 20’s 30’s and 40’s. I also use “Think Outside the Hutâ€? I am working on trademarking both.


Who bakes the best pizza in town? you do! I started out as a Take & Bake but now I bake them to so now my usp is who bakes the best pizza in town? you do or we do

our unique pizza

is your pizza unique? i am sure it is different from the chain pizza is not it?

or you can say our pizza is a chain killer no no forget that one

I think it is critical to have a vision of what you offer that is unique, and to consistently repeat those things in marketing. But I think a USP and a “slogan” are different, and I don’t think you NEED a slogan.

But isin’t your slogan a brief of your USP? It all ties in together and becomes a prompt for consumers about your business / product.

Coca Cola don’t go out and advertisie their “vision”. They condense it down to “Things go better with Coke”. They are saying that Coke is great with anything you do, eat or whatever above any other drink.
Same as KFC with “Finger Lickin’ Good” They are portraying an image to the consumers of their product as their product is finger lickin’ good above any other chicken.

Both of these are slogans are making their USP stand out above their competitors.



You make good points, Dave. I am curious, though, if their USP is more than just their slogan . . .and ultimately different from it.

A slogan can give a 6 or 7 word condensed sound bite of our USP, but I believe that it is not at all the USP itself. Businesses often have more than one ad campaign and slogan out there . . .like Geico and the gecko plus caveman plus others. they may have similar messages, but the slogans are wide ranging.

Some catchy slogans are better at capturing the key elements of a USP than others. AND, if our place has nothing about it that is unique and a foundational identifier for customers . . . then they will never think about us. they need a “feel” for who and what we are. they don’t have to have the slogan, though.