How to serve pizza slices ?

Hi everyone! i am from Pretoria South Africa.
i am new here , me and my partner opening a mini pizzeria and drinks outlet
in a week’s time. it is a very busy location near the university, schools, and embassies.
in a shopping mall, at the second busiest entrance (4500 people passing a day)
we are going to sell square pizza in 2 different sizes and 12 flavors + build your own pizza.
but i think that the main business will be pizza per slice, in 4 different flavors.
there are only 2 franchises near by and their pizza tastes like paper and overpriced.
my question is how do you serve pizza slices? our slices are square i been thinking in a greeseproof paper bag
for takeaway or paper plates to eat on spot .any other ideas?
thank you.

I’ve seen them go out on paper plates with plenty of napkins, also small folding boxes are really popular around here. I guess if you wanna get cheap you can also use those plastic foam plates they sell at walmart. Just make sure to have napkins.

I second good old fashioned paper plates. Good luck with your new place!