I am leaving Think Tank

Since the time gregster and his group of driver friends have been allowed to degrade this forum I have lost interest. I have been trying to keep things moderated here but have been criticized for my methods. I will not be posting or reading posts from this point forward.

Wooooooo Wait a minute…gosh I hope you don’t leave…I appreciate all your feedback over the years. I surely hope you re consider.


Ah, you gotta have thick skin to be a moderator.

Honestly, I don’t see much of Gregster causing trouble around here anymore - but maybe I missed it. Take a deep breath and come on back.

Anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter since you aren’t going to read this anyway.

Which leads me to my continuing to wonder why people post “I’m not coming back anymore” threads anyway - especially if they are not going to read the usual “please don’t leave” replies… :smiley:

Sorry to hear. I personally was annoyed by all his interjections as well.

Thanks Richard for your helpful contributions over the years. Your ideas have helped me greatly, and your business ethics are wonderful. From Magnet Project to the Fire Truck deliveries. There really need to be more people in this world like you.

I for one am not a fan of Gregster and his friends, who don’t and never will understand the other side of the table we face everyday. We are all a bunch of horrible people (who pad our pockets), who don’t care about our employees or nothing. I love and respect my employees, pay them well, and have a very nice work environment for them. My turnover rate is 0.

Thanks again Richard,
Your a real class act :slight_smile:

Rob, I think you said it all from all of us “greedy, irresponsible, law breaking, padded pocketed cretins” who give many people work opportunities.
Sorry to see someone like Richard go due to the continual inuendo types like gregster post. Funny enough hardly anyone posts on his own forum so I guess that shows the cudos others give him.
Richard has always been bigger than the low comments posted and his moderation was fair and reasonable. His business is well run, ethical and fair to all, just like the man.
Shame others can’t share the same outlook.


I must have missed something. This all seems a year late. But then, I rarely visit the driver forum section of the PMQ site.

What the . . . ? I leave town for a couple days and come back confused. What went down? I’ll call Richard and find out.

I am an occasional poster but mostly a lurker… Daddio: PLEASE RECONSIDER. I appreciate you. Don’t let them ruin it for you and us.

Welcome to the PMQ Think Tank, where pizza business operators can freely discuss the pizza business among their peers. Vendors to the industry are asked not to overtly promote their businesses but are welcome to defend themselves if they feel required to correct the record. The community of pizza operators and PMQ desire to maintain a civil environment free of insults, false statements, manufactured praise, competitive sabotage and blatant self promotion. PMQ cannot monitor every post and looks to our user community to help keep the Think Tank clean. If you see a post which needs to be reported, please email webmaster@pmq.com, Liz@pmq.com or sg@pmq.com If your post has to be deleted, PMQ will let you know the reason and may ban you from posting in the Think Tank temporarily or permanently depending on the seriousness of violation.

I think because Daddio has been trying to moderate this board to uphold this statement, people are being rude and unfair to him.

I only seen a couple of things that have been “edited by moderator”, but I have to agree with him doing it because it was going off topic and not keeping to the “civil environment free of insults”.

Without a moderator, there is going to be a lot more of this seen by all, hopefully we don’t lose our good think tank people that actually can offer useful suggestions and different points of views on topics.

Daddio I hope you do stay on the boards too, I understand not wanting to be a moderator, but the advice you have to offer is priceless.

Hmmm penelope good post…What caught my eye is PIZZA OPERATORS.

Go figure.


I agree Kris. It sucks that we’re losing a strong voice from a successful operator because a disgruntled employee that delivers corporate pizza shaped food thinks this community is about them.

I’ve spent the last two days reading most of gregster’s posts of the last year. I found nothing remarkable,nor objectionable. He does post from the “drivers” POV, and often. But what of it? That being said, being a Mod is tuff.

Much of the objectional material has been removed including accusations that members are violating the law, personal attacks, obsenities and in at least one case I know of g@y p@rn, and I am sure the moderators have been abused because of it. I too will miss Daddio if he does decide to stay away. Hopefully he will reconsider and return as a member and not a moderator. If, in fact he was being harrassed for moderating as I suspect, maybe the moderators could be anonymous.


Rick that is a really good point to make. Have you made that suggestion to PMQ?

First things first. Mods should not be hidden imo. If you don’t want to be one, Then don’t.
I have been on here a long time & I thought I have seen it all but seriously, Why can’t you just NOT read the threads. I am on here everyday and I have no clue what went down. Im sure most others don’t either. Mostly because I have no Interest in the thread it started in. Daddio man, Just brush it off.

I have a feeling Daddio may have seen some of the stuff that was posted about him on TTPG - nasty personal attacks to say the least.

When just doing your best to moderate a board (as a volunteer no less) leads to those kinds of attacks - well I can’t blame him for being done with it. There’s a chance that he’s gotten calls from people harassing him at his store - I wouldn’t be shocked.

I obviously like coming to PMQ, and for the past 7 years it’s been a daily stop with only a few breaks when things were really busy in my life. The people here are professional, courteous and above all helpful. I’m not saying this board could be replaced, but perhaps we need a place that is truly “owner’s only”.

What initially attracted me to the ThinkTank was the idea of sharing thoughts and ideas with other OWNERS, not terminal E-5 “sea lawyer” types who cut and paste at will from sections of the US Labor Code.

Hadn’t really thought about why I have little interest in TT these days, but it might have a bit to do with disgust over annoying input from those who proudly proclaim their “non-owner/operator” status, and regularly display it with their self-serving comments.

Moderating must be a lot of fun.

I hereby submit my vote to ban gregster and keep Daddio!!

Found daddio!