I am looking to make my own ranch dressing. Does anyone have suggestions?

Both of my vendors carry it in 1/2 gallons. I pay 13.26 for 6 1/2 gallons

my vendor carries buttermilk But Sams club is way cheaper.

You should be able to get buttermilk in 1/2 gallon cartons from your dairy distributor, Or any other full-line purveyor like Sysco, GFS, Or whoever you use locally…

We get ours thru the produce company

Thanks, it was a slow friday for us, so I sent a driver to hannaford, to get us a few odds and ends. She got us some buttermilk and a small packet of ranch dip mix, I mixed it half buttermilk half mayonaisse, I couldn’t get all the clumps out. Do you use an immersion blender?
Also I noticed on amazon they have a specific buttermilk HVR spice pack what version do you buy?
I actually have the Good Seasons brand Ranch spice mix at my house but haven’t tried it yet

I use a kitchen aid mixer to make it a gallon a time. Usually mixes for a good 10-15 min at low speed to get rid of the lumps.

We mix ours with an electric drill and what is basically a food-safe paint mixer (ss rod with plastic blades) in one of our 10-gallon sauce crocks.

Hey, if anyone knows where I can pick up 1 (or 3 or more) of these things, I’d much appreciate it! The ones I have are all losing blades and it seems they only make galvanized/welded ones these days which aren’t usable for food service.

We use a hobart HCM 450
8 Gallons at a time. 60 seconds

So does anyone make this 100% from scratch?..

You food suppliers will carry it … possibly Warehouse clubs … and Restaurant depot.

Me too! Tried ordering one at the local hardware store & it was only 8" long after being told it was 2’.

whisk the dry into the buttermilk … then beat hell out of it to mix w the mayo.

What about these? http://www.sherwin-williams.com/painting-contractors/products/catalog/5-gallon-helix-paint-mixer/

I was under the impression that by making it in house with the hidden valley mix ,mayo and buttermilk was cheaper?am I mistaken?I buy mayo in 5 gallon tubs,since it is much cheaper that.I cant find the butter milk in half gallon containers though,only pints.I switched from the 1.5 oz individual portion control packets.
we use a lot of ranch for our wings.just a thought for those of you trying to figure out how much ranch you go through in a year.