I am shutting down my pizzeria. I AM DONE!

After a year and a half of hard work, long days, credit card bills, loans, no money, I am done. I have worked my butt off for my pizzeria, an independent delco in the Atlanta area and I am throwing in the towel. I am starting a full time job in the middle of July, I am very much looking forward to having a comfortable, worry-free live again.

On July 1st, I am renting a U-Haul truck and hauling all my equipment:

1-MM 360
2-Prep Cooler
3-Sandwich Prep Cooler
4-Prep Tables (7)
5-4 Compartment Sink
6-Veggie Sink
7-Handwash Sink
8-Walk-In Cooler
9-Freezers (3)
10-Drink Cooler
12-POS (PC America software)
13-Ventilation Systems
14-Hobart 30 QT VMC Mixer

If anyone is interested in purchasing these items please post your interest on this forum.

Thank you all.

Fed-Up Freddie…

Contact me about the oven.

best of luck. i often long for the worry free life myself. especially in recent weeks with business dropping off and cheese prices skyrocketing, i’m still not sure what is driving me.

I’d like to know about the pos system, thanks


Is that oven a top, bottom, or double-stack?

FELLOW GEORGIAN I hate to be a vulture, but

I am near Newnan and would make arrangements to pick up anything that I am interested in. Please contact me. I’d love to come see the equipment and see if I can help offload it for you.

(See, selling to me could avoid the huge, annoying hassle of shipping it out)

I am interested in talking to you about the whole package.

Sorry to hear things didn’t work out. If you need to list some stuff for sale, you can use the PMQ Free Classifieds section at http://www.pmq.com/classifieds/

No fair! We have dibbsies! :wink:

We hate to see a comerade fall and all . . . but business is business.

Hello all. The Oven is a double stack, though the bottom only works, the top needs some work, it stopped working sometime ago.

I plan on selling everything to whomever is interested, I am not going to ask for too much like Equipment dealers do, I just want to get back some money.

The POS system is brand new, I bought it through Dell systems last year, it comes with PC America’s Restaurant Pro Express program, compatible with Cocard merchant services for a smooth Credit Card processing that is done through their EFT Gateway (3 seconds). I paid $3800 for a complete package that included an ELO Touchscreen, Epson Kitchen Printer & Thermal Printer.


Newnan isn’t very far from us and I have seen you write that you buy dough balls, maybe the Hobart Mixer might interest you? It can even be used to grate cheese if you buy the attachment for grating a cheese block. Although it is old, it is in excellent condition and will safe you a bunch of money on your dough.

For all those interested, please contact me at:
pizzaman4983 AT yahoo DOT com.

Thank you all for your many ideas on this forum, I have been coming here for months and is what has kept me going for as long as I did.


Email sent


I’ve 7 prep tables and a dough prep table. Email me at pizzaman4983 AT yahoo DOT com.

I also have for sale a 20 liter deep fryer!

Or . . . maybe because you see an opportunity to become an integral part of and to contribute to a stuggling community where you live, with the promise of building a strong, respectable business and reputation that will build on itself and eventually into a strong business with profitability.

I know tht sort of thing doesn’t wash with everyone, but there are certainly many different motivations and types of return on investment. Money would be a huge welsome to nearly everyone. If it is only about money, though, I suspect that you will eventually have struggles that cannot be fixed.

I have an acquaintance that bought a shop that had been in biz 4 yrs - he paid severely his “Fool’s Tax” & am told he’s going 2 put it up 4 sale - I figure he’ll close his doors by the end of July w/o a buyer…

ya hate 2 see shops close, but ya prob hate even more those that opened w/o a clue…

Freddie; hang in there budd, business is tough, glad to see you’ve secured a job for yourself though.

good luck with everything.

Just sent an e-mail. I’ll be in Atlanta in the near future and would like to see what you have.

Best of luck to you.

No offence Nick, but the scenario you describe is probably present in less than 1% of pizza places. Heck, in less than 1% of any business.

It’s all about the Benjamins. So many places fail because follow their “dream” without proper planning.

No offense to Fed-Up, but after a year and a half, if you are still working long days and are deeply in debt, the pizza business clearly was never right for you. I would bet my bottom dollar that everything that led to your failure, you did before you opened your doors.

I however, wish for people like this to keep trying. It gives me great ideas to grow some of my businesses, and a cheap source for equipment.

Thank you all those that e-mailed to give me some words of support. DFW, Patriot’s Pizza & scott, if you want to gloat, open your own thread and do it there.

I am happy with the decisions that I’ve made, no regrets cross my mind about opening a pizzeria, the experience I gained running my business will follow me to my grave… :slight_smile:

In life you win some and you loose some…I never lost myself in the pizza industry, that’s why I can call it quits and start over.