I try not to post here often, but I need to vent somewhere

I have got the most Ham-Handed staff that I have ever experienced, I’m willing to bet these clowns could destroy an Anvil with a rubber mallet without much effort/.

This week has just been a trail of destruction, and idiocy .

Where do I start?
Oh, the dolly for the garbage can, it twists on the bottom and locks in place, well it came off, so I watched 3 people try to figure out how to unsuccessfully reinstall it, after 15 minutes of me getting very aggravated, and wondering if they can even tie the laces on their shoes without adult help, I finally intervened while biting my tongue to keep from calling them idiots .

Urns for the iced tea,
Lets not gently unscrew the spigots, lets just tear them off, then try to pound them back on after they are cleaned.
My personal Henckel knives, at least once/week I notice a knife missing, I may find it in the cardboard recycle bin, or in the dumpster.

Flatware, year to date I am missing 347 forks, sure they only cost me $1.45 for a dozen, but when you lose 2 gross of them in 7 months, there is a problem! I even added a magnetic flatware interceptor to the garbage can, I think they see it as a challenge and their goal is to defeat the flatware interceptor.

Branded Pilsner & pint beer glasses, oh look how nicely the shatter when those hit the floor. At least 4 a day are lost, I may go to disposable plastic because of this/

Watching product dates,
everything gets dated when it comes in, posters all over the prep area stating “First in, First out, LOOK AT DATES, USE OLDEST STOCK FIRST”
That still gets ignored

I’m betting I could replace these people with a coked up monkey swinging a large hammer and less stuff would be destroyed, and more quality work would get done.

Mind you, we do not hire anyone under 21 years of age, and our entry level staff (dish/drivers) are getting paid in excess if $14.00/hour. And everyone one of these guys has previous restaurant experience.
The labor force here is so sparse, that if I let them go, I will probably not be able to get replacements for them.

We did the trash can dolly thing also not to long ago. I said why is the trash can just sitting on top of dolly. They said its broken. I flipped it over and twisted it on. They were amazed. I said that’s why they pay me the big bucks.

It may just be me but I feel like the younger generation has no desire to " figure things out in life ". They seem to be content with just barely getting by in life.

We were talking about this in another context this morning. We came to the conclusion it is “the phones.” They are used to someone else fixing everything with an update to the app. In their little world everything works… until it doesn’t … then an update.

We opined over coffee the future implications to the country and the world. The blasted phones are going to have a major and unanticipated (by most) impact on life events going forward.

I had to fix a computer the other day for someone who is like 30 years old. The wifi wouldn’t work or the printer wouldn’t print or something of that nature. After 5 minutes of just “looking” and “thinking” it was fixed.

She asked me if I took computers in school. I said no, when I was in school there were no computers. We had to “figure things out for ourselves”

@GotRocks you are not alone they really dont want to take the time to think that would mean they would have to actually work. I cant tell you how many times I open the printer to change the paper and the little plastic insert from the previous roll was still in the machine!! I shake my head at it all the time I tell them all the time and nothing. One time I changed out the paper and I found 3 plastic inserts in there I dont know how the printer didnt get jammed! They always ask me which way does the paper go despite the PICTURE instructions they do the same for the paper towel dispensers which also has picture instructions. Its a scary thought to think of them out in the real world alone and yes I too think its the phones.

Really nothing more to say, except… Can i kill the person who thought up Pokemon GO! ?

Ya know, I looked into being a Pokestop, but decided against it. I downloaded the game just to see what DefuQ it is about, I think the altered reality is cool, but the cool factor stops there.
A neigboring restaurant is a stop on the game, I wonder how that is working out since his clientele is mostly retiree age.

I heard a story of a woman begging to enter a house in the area here because there was a Pokemon inside (allegedly)

Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one seeing zero problem solving skills.

Oh, I hear something big, heavy and solid hit the floor tonight in the prep area, so I ask “What was that?” The answer i got was “Something fell”
Well No Chit numbnutz, what fell? “That thing you make the sausage with” was the reply. I ask how badly broken it is, I hear silence…

So, I go back to find that my Hobart #22 grinder head has the threaded ring busted into 3 pieces, So this should make tomorrows task of grinding 80 pounds of pork picnic trim a a fun job for them.
Remember my statement of them being able to break an anvil with a rubber mallet? Well, here ya go!
Good thing I have a hand-crank #32 tabletop grinder hidden away, I hope these bastards have charlie horses all damn night from using a manual grinder. Maybe one of them will pull their own pecker off with the muscles they’ll gain from this…

I have 2 pokeman shops within 200 yards from my store. One is in range if you stand all the way next to the south wall (it is a game store so yeah they should be one). In the last 3 days i have seen probably 50 or 60 people with their phones out and not even looking at anything else, or talking to anyone else in the group they are in. And then the customers who come in for lunch, get up walk to the south side of the store for 30 seconds then walk back to the table, it’s like no one even bothers to converse anymore.

All they want to do is get that next pokeman, or get the free stuff from the store every 5 minutes.

Then there is my employee’s, i am about to ban phones period.

Haven’t laughed so much in ages. Really enjoyed that someone else has it as bad as me. I thought I was all alone with my staff so it was a great relief to see they have clones where you are :slight_smile:

“The XXXXX doesn’t have any power”

“Is the GFI tripped on the outlet?” (spend 10 minutes on phone explaining what that means/is)


Drive 20 minutes to store. Push reset on the GFI outlet.

“I asked you if this button was popped out and you said no.”

“Well, I don’t know anything about electricity!”

Last night as my walkin is getting the gas recharged, back door looses power and we can no longer get into the door. Well yeah, i am working a 16 hour OC and i have to still make 3 batches of dough and 1 batch of sauce before i go home. Soooo i have no time to look at the door AND my food delivery comes in this morning at 6am.

So i spend 5 minutes seeing if it’s just a tripped breaker (we have 3 panels and they are not labeled… well) and i don’t have my wand to test the power because all my tools are at home. Put a note on the back door for Roma, i go in at 6 am this morning after 3 hours of sleep to let them in.

Well 4 hours later i get back up and go into the store (Mind you this was originally a Pizza Hut that we moved into after we ran them out of business. Bigger space then our old location). After 10 minutes of popping tiles and following the power cord, someone had run a 50 foot cable to a AC adapter that they had stripped the wires on and hard wired into that 50 foot cord. Then another extension cable from that AC adapter to a OUTLET above the walkin.

This cable had been knocked loose by the refrigeration guy as he was crawling around above the walkin. Why in GODS GREEN EARTH did the moron that installed this security door not just install a outlet off the security light RIGHT ABOVE the door to get power ???

Lets do put a couple piece of that puzzle together and see if we can make things fit>

  1. you live in CO, what happens to be legal in CO? The Sticky Purple Punge, no stems, no seeds…
    The day weed goes legal here, I will walk away. These tards are bad enough already, I could not imagine them showing stoned out of their gourds and getting any better quality out of them.

We got our asses handed to us all day today, they did a decent job, One of my best customers and good friends came in and saw how buried we were, and he took it upon himself to help out in the back, and rode their asses to do things right.
I was so thrilled, I comped his bill for the 3 Smoked Prime-Rib dinners that he ordered. This guy used to own & operate a railroad, and he had a train based restaurant that actually traveled down the tracks, he would do over 1.5-Mil in sales annually, they had a 60 day lead time to get a table for his dining train.

Here’s a pic of him doing dishes with my crew tonight https://www.facebook.com/GrabYourPork/photos/a.471634849618150.1073741828.471568459624789/1054702477978048/?type=3&theater

At first i was glad they finally legalized it, but omg, all we have now is people moving here because it is legal. We are getting the lowest of the low for employee’s because of this. And a housing/rental market that is way out of whack because of everyone moving here.

So we have the highest rents and shortest house sales in the country (houses only stay on the market for 5 days), and the LCD employees.

Either the rest of the country needs to legalize it or we need to repeal it. Because this is killing us.

That is awesome, seems like a really great guy ! Now we just more people like him !

He is an amazing friend, and just a great person in general.
He is the one who sold this property to me, and for about $200K for less than he could have gotten for it.
I knew him as a customer, Then when I was looking for a bigger location, it turned out he owned this property, he bought it during the foreclosure sale. I had no idea of his financial status, and I still just see him as any good friend.

A few years back, he came in to get some rib dinners to go, (4 of them actually) and mentioned he is flying to Florida in 30 minutes, and the ribs are for his boat captain and crew. I said, see you in a week or so, have fun fishing. He told me he will be back the next day, I laughed because I thought he was joking with me. Apparently not,

So he gets this cheesy grin on his face, walks over to talk to my lead cook, then to my partner has a few brief words, they both nod in approval, then looks at me and says “You’ve got 20 minutes to meet me at the airport, bring an overnight bag”
I told him I can’t go because I am stuck here, my lead cook and partner said “We can handle the rest of the night without you” So I jumped on his private jet on 19 degrees weather here, and 3.5 hours later I was in Stuart Florida near 90 degrees and spent the night on an 80-foot sportfish yacht. Then I was back home in 23 hours.

In march, he took me along to Las Vegas with him for 48 hours to see his new home (10K Sq/Ft in the mountains) and I ended up ferrying his Harley’s from the dealership on the strip up to his home.
I got to ride in his new Lamborghini, and saw the blue man group at the Luxor too., and back home in 48 hours.
It’s always an adventure when you are with Bill, the best part, he is just any “Joe Six-pack, just one of the guys”

Pay people worthy of employment. 3/4 of these stories are bullshit.

Are you saying the didn’t happen or shouldn’t happen?

Could you expand on your comment a little bit so I may have a better chance of understanding the message that you are trying to convey?

At face value, I believe you are trying to say is “Don’t hire idiots”
Or you could be saying “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”

Either way, why don’t you read the last sentence of my original post where it states what the hourly wage is for my entry level people,. then get back to me.

Although I am disappointed at your loses the bottom line is Management.
Maybe you pay a great staring wage; maybe you don’t (for the area). Are the employees trained? Do they understand the standardized work of each and every task (ie 4 top uses 16 utensils; 16 must come back or be noted). Do you have standardized worksheets that employees can reference if they don’t understand how to do something and no one is around (yourself, manager etc).
Or perhaps you’re right. No one knows how to do anything because of phones.


Sounds like you should ask the dog guy pizza place for an application.