Identifying my startup costs

Good points…all I meant was to interject a bit from an owner’s point of view, maybe “devil’s advocate” sort of a thing. No doubt we all do dream and scheme before we make that jump. What I intended to say was more that I as an owner, paying a guy to be minding MY shop would be unhappy to find out that at the same time he was planning to open up his own place.

As far as my comment about paying for “all of him”…I’ll stand on that one. Wasn’t implying that we as owners can ever pay a man his full worth, but we better be paying at least close to what the market value of that “worth” is if we intend to keep him/her. What I was trying to say is when I pay an employee, I expect that he’s working for ME when his on my clock…not putting plans together or lining up his own recipes and vendors. No biggie though… and the ability to all swap and share insights and idea via a forum such as this is invaluable! Keep up all the good work folks!

If my manager wanted his own store (and I hope they all have that entrepreneurial spirit), I would suggest they franchise from us. If they want their own concept, I would help them in exchange for just not directly competing in the same market. Plenty of business in this big ol state of ours.

Thanks Knightwing and Dewars! I think that most managers will consider opening their own store at some point. If they are in the business long enough to make it into a store manager position, they must like something about it. Dewar’s, it sounds like you would be a good person to work for. Offering assistance to a manager opening their own business is a far cry from what seems like most other owners would do. It seems that some would want them sent straight to the guillotine.

So, im still shopping for a location. Some prospects though. Hopefully ill have more info soon. One location used to be a pizza hut. The PH was moved to another location across town. We’ll see.


There’s not a job in the world that you can ‘own’ the employee and stop them aspiring to have their own business. Indeed from my persective the best managers are those who work hard enought to run your whole business.

Sure if someone is taking advantage of the position by spending ‘my’ time planning and starting their own business that is different but to say ‘I’m buying you’ so don’t dream of any other job is simply ridiculous!

I’m a freakin saint. lol

I just have a vivid sense of my own mortality and the desire to leave this place better than it was. Probably motivated more out of regret I have not been a better person to others than any sense of altruism. Just getting older and more reflective, I guess.

Of course they should not be working on their business while on my clock. But working towards a better future for themselves and their families can only benefit me by having a better person working with me.

And what do I care if they are successful? It does not diminish me. We were talking to a tenant in the strip we are negotiating. With the economy taking a BM, we hope to negotiate a great deal. Her response? “You better not get a better rate than I did!” WTF? How does our deal make hers different? Lots of people are scorekeepers. Just cannot stand someone else doing better than they are even though it does not mean anything to their game.