Increase lunch sales

Our library, unfortunately, doesn’t offer this service. Does anyone know of another way of obtaining information of businesses in the area??

My library doesn’t either, I tried a few in towns nearby until I found one who offered it.

Special discount offers to customers at every meal helps to increase your restaurant sale.
You may apply some changes in food menu specially Chinese cuisines.

Do some recon and find out what kind of sandwiches they’re selling that are so popular.
And if you know someone who knows someone that eats there, ask them why they like it so much.

This kind of insight can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in how you position your pizzeria.

Maybe they serve healthy sandwiches that are good on the go.
Make healthy, hand held calzones they can eat on the go.

Maybe they heard about it from a flyer their real estate agent gave them about the neighborhood when they first moved in.
So start collaborating with real estate agents.

Get me?