Increased Credit Card Sales

I’ve noticed that so far this year, as a percentage of sales, credit card sales are up 10% over last year. Has anyone else noticed an increase?

Mine have been up 6 to 8 percent each month this year.

yup just under 10%

Ours are up huge also this year. We are a delco and credit cards are 30-40% of total sales.

Aprils credit card sales including drivers tips was 56.38% of sales. That’s the highest percentage month I’ve had yet.

This interesting as credit limits have been cut and many cards even those who were in good standing are being closed by the card company…

Do you know for sure that they are credit cards or could they be debit cards? The majority of cards that we swipe are debit cards.

I don’t know if they are debit or credit cards, I would assume most are debit cards. We only do 15% carryout sales so we do not offer a pinpad for debit and just key or swipe all cards as credit cards.

Same as us. Our machine runs all debit cards like they are credit. I have swiped thousands of cards and have only had a problem once with a customer. He told me the card was debit, about 10% of the customers will tell me it is debit or credit. I just said “okay” as usual and swiped the card. When he realized he didn’t enter his pin number he got angry and told me " I said debit not credit!" I tried to explain to him that our machine doesn’t have a pin pad and runs everything like it is credit. Not sure if I am to blame here or if the customer is.

Our percentage of cards is up too, unfortunately now putting me at about 80-85% overall.

I personally almost never use cash any more. I use my debit card for almost everything unless it’s just a few bucks.

From what i have been told in the past by our credit card reps is that there are actually 3 types of transactions: Pin Based debit, signature based debit, and credit. Now i’m not 100% sure on this, but i believe that the debit cards run as signature based debit and the credit cards run as credit. I believe your processing statement will break these categories down.

Mine has been up 38% for this year over last. One of the main reasons for mine I think though is we are a small town (pop 4000±) and the main factory is closing and been laying people off each month since december.

Gbomb should not be any problem for customer as most banks are not charging them they are charging us different rates for debit vs credit. I had the same issue when I got mine people kept getting upset I finally just got a letter from the local banks that stated there is no difference to the account holders just to the merchants and that ended it. They think they are getting charged for “credit” transaction.

Debit cards are just ATM cards with the Visa or MC logo…Credit Cards have been cutting limits and or closing accounts across the board for about the last 6-8 months and what is different about this is that it did not matter if your account was in good standing or not…