Independent Pizzeria Facebook Page

So as not to go wildly off-topic in that other thread, I thought I would make a new one for our Indie Pizza Facebook Page.

Here is the address: … 2232485767

First, be sure to “Like” the page! We need enough quickly to get a vanity URL.

Post your Facebook page’s address here so we can add it to the “Favorites.” If you’re a secret poster just PM me the address and I will add it.

As you send me your Facebook pages I will begin making wall posts of your websites. We need to generate some content, so give me anything you would like posted… articles, reviews, stories, anything.

After getting some content up, we will start advertising the page to our own Facebook Fans. Hopefully it can snowball from there. There has to be over 100,000 total fans if you add all of us together, so I bet we could get it to snowball pretty fast.

I am placing Facebook ads for my market promoting 10-10-10-10 (October 10, '10 for $10)

I am running them Sept 26th all day, Oct 3rd all day and Oct 9th and 10th. Text of the ad for the first two is:

Headline: 10-10-10 for $10

What is it? When is it? Will I like it? Can I share it? How do I get it?

I will have more info on my page so that people who click through will find out what is up.

I’m up for paying for ads as well. I wait to see Bodega’s ad and will run something extremely similar. I think we all need to attack it together, so if we’re going to do a 10-10-10-10 special we should all have similar advertising so it looks like a nationwide push.

The FB page has already picked up a few people that aren’t from PMQ!

We’re in. Will be fun to generate some buzz, watch this thing snowball, and the impact that can be made by joining together.

I am pretty sure you can get a url like www.facebook .com / independant pizzaria just by going in and setting it up that way. That is what I did for mine.

Done! I just had to wait until we had 25 fans.

I don’t think you will see my ad since I set it up to run only in my area. It has my logo as the image,

Headline I actually used is 10-10-10 for $10

Text on Sundays 9/26 and 10/3 is:
What is it? When is it? Will I like it? Can I share it? When will we find out about it? 871 1111 to order, click to “like”

Text on Saturday 10/9 is:
Tomorrow is October 10, 2010! Get 14" 3-topping pizzas for $10 on the 10th! (tax and delivery extra) 871 1111 to order.

Headline on Sunday 10/10 is: 10-10-10 for $10 TODAY!
Text on Sunday 10/10 is:
ALL DAY TODAY! Get a 14" pizza with 3 toppings for $10. Order as many as you want! 871 1111

We will do facebook posts as well on that day that our fan base of over 1000 fans will see. We will also do a newspaper ad that day with the offer.

I have already got you as a favorite on my personal page…my url for my place is


Great idea! I’d be honored if you added us in,

Deacon V.


One of those is a radio station that I sent an invite to. I figured it might be good to get the media looking at us too.

I’ve got everybody that has posted here or PMed me on the Favorite Pages list.

Idahopizza - I can’t access your website at the moment, but I will get a Wall post up for you as soon as I can get to the website.

A big thank you to Piper for all the time he has spent on this. Thank you to Steve for the idea.

I am happy to be associated with innovative people like all the ones here on Think Tank.

Ditto from me.


Count me in, Thanks.

12 hours since the page was set up and there are 48 people that like the page. It took me nearly 3 weeks to hit that level when I started my page.

Thanks Piper…I agree with everything everybody has said

Big thanks to you on that one! Many of the non-PMQ people seem to reside in Grand Prairie.

Thanks to indie pizza as well - he’s volunteered to admin the page.

Claysburg and Idahopizza are now up on the wall. Keep sending those Facebook pages so I can create more content. Thanks!

Where is Golden Knight? We need his skills at creating tabs on the page so we can list (by state, maybe?) all the pizzerias participating.