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I’m really interested in a group print job. Surely, if we all banded together, and made a request for 50-100K fliers, we could get a great deal. I don’t see that it would affect shipping if it was sent to one place vs. 100. Someone here has submitted a website where you post a job and graphic designers submit designs and you choose which one you want. That could be as little as $5 for each of us and the designer could make $200 pretty easy and $2,000 next year if this works.

I’m also looking at promoting this in my direct mail campaign, but I’m pretty sure our print cycle is going to have most of the pieces out after the event.

If all members of a co-op group are close together, sorting and re-shipping an order is not a problem…If the group is further apart, sometimes the extra shipping charges can make a group order more costly…

As far as pricing…When you look at printed menus for example…Once you get to 50,000 the prices do not get much lower…Same with magnets at 25,000…

PS…Co-op pricing is available on magnets…4 x 2,500 would be 244.50 each versus 375.00 for 2,500 alone…Plus shipping and art…

Great idea everyone. I believe we’ll run the same promotion.

I guess I can’t play because I am a franchisee.


Not wanting to go off topic here… but I wanted to ask something of everyone. I brought this up once before and had little response but with how fast the response grew on this one day event… I thought it might be worth a try again.

With material prices going up and down all the time… this goes for food items and supplies… and personally knowing how much of a savings it can be buying in quantity at times… how many would be interested in forming a nationwide indie pizza co-op buying group? Have a central person to negotiate pricing and terms for everyone. Even with different shipping locations… we should be able to secure a savings for everyone. Now… I am sure that some of you could walk into a better price every once in a while…but in the big picture… when looking at all of your purchases… there should be a savings for all. Let me know what you all think and if we should maybe at least send out an informational email and I would be willing to put some research hours into this to find out what type of numbers we could secure. Please private message me some imput on this. - Michael

Got a wall post up for you Napoli. Thanks.

please add me in as well…<lurking…>

as far as the ‘tab’ thing is concerned, I’m not sure what you might want, and I know FB is changing/changed some things regarding the size of tabs etc.

Isn’t there a way to create tabs with custom names and put whatever information you want inside it?

I was thinking of a tab that just has a list like:

–Bubba’s Pizza


We’ll have to install FBML for a custom tab, but I agree indie… I think that’s the best way to do it. Patriot, did the sizes of the tabs already change?

I’ve been enjoying some insomnia lately - I might be able to get it done tonight when I get home.

They’ve taken away ‘boxes’ and instituted same-sized ‘tabs’, so I don’t think you could do a 50-state tab thing, but one tab listing by state/city/name is doable…

Once you install FBML, its really just a text file list

The tab is up!

So far I have everybody that posted on this thread and any businesses that posted on the FB page itself. I think. If I missed anybody, please let me know! If you already sent me a PM with your information it will be up - I haven’t finished those yet.

Here’s some questions I have for all of you, thinking about this list beyond the 10-10-10 deal:

  • What is our inclusion policy for that list? Do we let customers recommend (as one has done), or do we need to hear from the business owner?

  • Should we make them come here and post their information, or should we try to grab it off of Facebook if they post? (that may become tedious)

  • Do we put every indie pizzeria on the list, or is it more of a “We vouch for these Indies” list? I’m afraid we will have thousands on our hands if we open the floodgates. I think it should be a list of “special” pizzerias, not a directory of every pizza place in the country. That’s just my opinion, I’ll go with the consensus.

  • If the list is not all-inclusive, should we require a minimum post count on PMQ before we include? I’m thinking something really small like five or so. That would kind of make sure people are part of the “indie community” and maybe even encourage participation on this board.

  • Should we make an e-mail address and post it, where business owners can write to us for inclusion?

I just read PMQ’s 2009 stats that indicate the USA has approximately 40,000 independent pizzerias. The Idea of listing all of them is just too much in my opinion. I agree with you that the list should be special pizzerias. There are a few places in my city that are just down right scary when it comes to quality.

I feel the pizzeria should be the one to ask for inclusion in the list. As far as a minimum post count I am not sure that it is necessary. To be honest I don’t tell the other local indies about Think Tank. I want it to be my ace in the hole. :smiley: I will share most information with you if you will never be my competition but if you are in my city the cards are held close to the chest.

I agree with qfc mike. It might be interesting, once we have a couple of hundred indy members to approach one of the nationals (US Food would be my choice) about some negotiated pricing. I would be happy to work on this with a small group and look for things like boxes, cheese, and flour pricing.

Thanks for your efforts! Looks like we need some representation from the West Coast…here you go:

Thanks Again!

Aaron Thanks!

I think I’ve got everybody so far… check the Indie List on the FB page and let me know if I’m missing anybody that made a request.

Also, I’m going to refrain from making Wall Posts for everybody because I don’t want to be a nuisance to people’s News Feeds. So, please post your own restaurant on the Wall. Attach a link to your website or Facebook Page (It will help your Google Page Rank, so pick which page is most important to you) and then add whatever you’d like to the wall.

I’m not a grammar/spelling nazi in general, but please use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization when making your Wall post - I want to keep it looking as professional as possible!

I love the idea.
Thanks What

Here’s one from a famous little town in PA.

Utica Ohio

Love the facebook site glad someone thought of it!!!

Thanks Piper great job