My interviews are rather weak IMO. Do any of you have any tips on giving good interviews? One thing I have learned is to always interview at least two people. Guess that should have seemed obvious but in the past I have usually only bothered to bring in one person and 90% of the time just hire them figuring they were good.

Also, I don’t really want to give a behavioral interview. Seems like a behavioral interview would be a little advanced for just a pizza place.

I suppose everyone needs to taylor their interview according to how well they can evaluate people. For me, the resume tells me if they are qualified and the interview is really for getting to know the candidate. IMO, I don’t think you need to interview any set number of people either. If I really like the first person they are hired. If I was delegating the hiring to a manager I would probably require more interviews, however. Or, if I were looking for a manager I may purposely interview more people.

In my past experience the resume meant little for a line job. They just have to meet certain minimum qualifications. More importantly, I want to talk with them to determine their intelligence, personality, and attitude.

One question I always ask is for them to give me directions to where they live. Listen to the way they guide you to their house. If they speak clearly and confidently. Everyone knows where they live but better candidates for the job will be able to guide you there with confidence.

I have had great interviews with people that made terrible workers, and I have had great workers give average interviews. When I started asking for directions I seemed to get a feel for a persons ability to communicate, direct, and relate to others. These attributes seem to carry over into a persons ability to perform well with others and follow orders.

I can not find the link I used to have saved but it was an online aptitude test that cost like 25 each applicant and I swear I had 3 people apply and took the test and it suggested one employee and discouraged another against my better wishes my wife hired both, the one who aced it is still here 2 years later the one that failed turn out miserably.
I will look again but I have been searching for awhile.

Ever thought of having a couple of your best people sit in on the interview as well? If they are a good applicant and your best people like them, you’ll probably have good luck with them. If they’re good and your employees don’t like em, could be trouble ahead. Your guys may even have questions that you wont think of, and they’ll probably be looking at them from a different perspective. I’ve even let my staff sort through my application pile for me.

On a side note, my interview questions varied depending on the applicant, but there were 2 I always had:
“If I called up your previous bosses right now, what would they have to say about you?”
“If I called several customers that you dealt with at your previous job, what would they have to say about you?”

I came across a screening interview Bill Marvin did for restaurant employees a few years back and thought it was a good tool. I think I added the “prior job experience” question based on some other people’s ideas, but it follows the same format and spirit of the original.

Screening Interview. It’s in .pdf format.

Note: If you ever find someone that answers the “How do you decide what to do with your time off” question correctly, hire that person to be a general manager. No one ever gets that question right (I’ve caught my GM not even bothering to ask it sometimes). Also, it’s stunning how often people give a negative answer exactly the way Bill has it worded in the response section.

My mentor told me 25 years ago when I first started in business the best tip I can give you is to keep your mouth shut and your eyes and ears open and you can always learn somthing. :smiley:

Thanks Pizza of the month. I’m putting that question in the vault for further use. Great question