iPhone App for ordering pizza

I came across an app for the iPhone that looks like it could be interesting. From what I see on the web site the cost to the pizza place is $1 per order.

I am not able to use the app for my store because I am in Canada and it is not currently supported here. The app is Order Pizza by Order Mapper Inc. I have sent them an email but don’t expect a response until next week because of the weekend.

Just curious, are you interested more in the fact that it is in an iphone app or that it is online ordering?

The interest was that it was an iPhone app. After checking into the idea further I have discovered that it is out of line as far a pricing is concerned. To have the company make an app for my store would be $3000 and they would still charge the $1 per order processing fee. Orders would be faxed to the store and a phone call to verify the fax was received.

It was a nice thought but overpriced in my opinion.


do you currently have online ordering?

No, I am waiting for Big Holler and Point of Success to get the online discounting worked out so my current business model will work with their systems. I am just exploring other avenues while I wait.

I have talked a couple times with the APP developer and am not too keen on their proposed method of doing things. I am sure that when the time comes iPhones will be able to order through the site I will have with the intigrated online ordering.


I currently have my web ordering through Resercom. They called me a few weeks back trying to sell me an iPhone app for my company. They were charging a one-time licensing fee and for that you got the “button” which had 3 functions: link to and use online ordering through our existing site, a homepage, and also some sort of newsfeed which scrolls on the iPhone in some way. She said they were working on adding the same sort of thing for Blackberries (sp?) and that other smartphone.

We’re still getting up to speed with other aspects of the internet with our business (I don’t even own a smartphone), so we passed for now. I was offered a special deal, but their regular price was $1,000 for the set-up and licensing. After that, there were supposedly no additional fees or “cut” that they tried to take. Maybe an annual licensing fee - but certainly nothing as insane as $1 per online order placed.

I do not know if you have to be using their online ordering to have them set up a button for you.

Just got some spam from Resercom:

As you might be aware, Resercom has released a new product. It is a smart phone application for marketing purposes. It is a step beyond email marketing. Please take a moment to look at the attachment on this email to see its value. Genghis Grill, a 40 store operation, has officially signed with Resercom as of last Friday for the application, which is called FOUNDITZâ„¢.

The application costs $3,000, plus $250.00 per additional location. Thereafter, there will be a $50.00 per month charge for each location.

Their phone number is 866.776.1124 for those with piles of money burning a hole in their pocket.

Hi everyone,

Some very good points and thoughts were brought up so far. Indeed, especially for the pizza industry, mobile ordering is continuing to grow the opportunities for everyone. With regard to some of the comments, ONOSYS is the leading online ordering provider in the niche. This is not a sales letter, but we are experts in the arena and partner with such clients as Papa John’s Intl, Boston Pizza, Jet’s Pizza, Breadeaux and many others.

Our strategy was to skip text ordering-which many people are still doing-and go straight to smart phone applications. The advantage is that we saw text as non-brandable, with no fuctionality and a limited shelf life. Our iPhone app has already been approved by Apple and we are rolling it out now. (PRE, Droid and Blackberry apps are coming soon.)

Keep in mind that it’s important that you may want to look at a complete program. Honestly, there are many people building apps and putting food online. There are only a few providers that provide a good package of online ordering. Currently we are the only one that has the iPhone app completed and 100% integrated into the online ordering program. This includes mapping, coupons, orders, delivery, history and marketing abilities. All of this is managed by the client as well-so any menu changes are reflected on both the iPhone and online ordering site.

As for costs, what I’ve heard so far is way off for sure. While the app can stand alone, it’s best to have a complete program-IE: you wouldn’t offer guests in the store only 1/2 of your menu, right? In ONOSYS’ case, the complete program is much cheaper and inclusive.

Also keep in mind-if you are looking at smart phone apps, most-at least 75%-of your locations should already be doing online ordering or participating in it. Remember-people download the app and expect it to work. If it only works for a couple of locations (if you have multiple of course) then it will be hard to use and they will give up on it. Hopefully this will be helpful for your internal discussions. Best, Dan