january FAIlL!!!!!!

Both my delcos had record Decembers up 33%. Now january is down 25% over last month

Anyone else having this issue also?

very slow

I am hearing similar reports from many of my clients…

Years ago, January and February were very slow, then March was booming - which I attributed to post-Christmas lack of money, and then Tax refunds showing up in March. As “Direct Deposit” got popular for Tax Refunds, Jan and Feb also got busy, I assume because people got Tax Refunds sooner. This year the Feds are not even accepting Tax Filings until the end of January - Thus Refunds won’t start to show up until some time in Feb…So I fully expect January to be horrible, start to finish!!

i can speak for about 10 stores in Oregon… all down. Just that time of year.

Best January in 5 years. The thing that I have noticed is the days of the week don’t seem follow the expected pattern. I have had Tuesdays that are busier than Saturdays and Thursdays busier than Fridays.

Nov.22 2012-Dec.31 2012 Down 15% year over year.
Jan 1 2013- Jan 13 up 11% year over year.

Go figure?

Pizzanow. What chain in oregon are you talking about?
Is it abbys by chance?

First week of Jan up. Second week down. Go figure.

All 3 stores are up vs last year so far but I will say that it is slower than I expect (which means we really were bad last year).

Monday through Thursday this past week sucked harder than a $10 crack whore but thankfully the huge weekend sales saved me.

Papa Johns, which was all but dead in Colorado, has been ressurected by the NFL and PFM connections. Some of the Devner stores posted $8000 Saturdays this last weekend.

All of them are LC’s. Actually I didn’t ask if they were up or down vs. last Jan. which is a more fair comparison than December. I can’t say for myself as this is my first January in business… so I’m just hanging my hat on the fact that everyone is slow and things will even out here in a bit.

We ended the year very well, but now find our sales compared to same period 2012 to be darn near flat. I’m still looking for growth again this year, but admit there is a bit of concern over how folks will react this week when most are getting their first post-FICA increase paychecks. We’re hearing of folks “missing” anywhere from $30-$60 from what they’re used to, it’s bound to show up in our daily sales I’d think.

Time to come up with some inventive promos.

^^ might thoughts exactly. We were up 30% on the year and January sucks

I’m running up 11% for the first 14 days of January, but I’ve had some pretty aggressive offers out. Just about everybody else I’ve talked to is having a really bad start to January so far though.

When I worked in the mall, it was the busiest time of the year from Black Friday through New Years obviously. But then after that, it was the slowest time of the year. Most people reduce spending after the holidays, in my own shop, the first couple of months were slow too.

January has been very slow for us too.last year it was great,better then it had ever been.

January has been very slow for us also. Up about 14% after the 1st 2 weeks, but that increase is declining day by day. By reference we were up over 34% last year.

Same Here. January sales are down. This is only my 2nd January in business and I have been very nervous about January because January 2012 was my lowest sales month for 2012. The good news is that although my average sales are down, I am 28% above last January.

update on January. Still boasting being up vs last year (technically breaking even at my campus store) but a strange pattern has come up the past 2 weeks.

I am super slow Mon -Thu then getting killed on the weekends to save the week. Anyone else having this issue?

Yea Friday and saturday are normally double the sales of week days but now they have been more then triple

Its stupid