Just a little something to PI$$ me off

In the last six months I have donated 140 16" pizzas to our local schools for various projects.

The other day one of the schools called to order 60 pizzas. We offered them 33% off our menu price.

Today they called back and cancelled because they got a better price from someone else.


That kind of thing makes me so mad!

I feel your frustration. I had the same thing happen just last week. Another shop beat my price on 12 pies by $40 but have never donated anything to the schools. I am already at 45% food costs on school orders so what is a person to do?

Dang that sucks.

The other day I donated 10 pizzas for a school within walking distance from our store. Not one phone call or fax to say a simple thanks, or hey they were great.

The fundamental problem is you probably donated to one set of parents or grade level or activity, and some other school group, unaffected or unaware of the first donation, is the group that cancelled. Its probably just a bunch of moms who think they are doing the right thing saving a buck, completely unaware of your generousity.

Maybe you drop a quick email to the PTO president or assistant principal, to see what you can do to get everyone on the same page. Maybe all the groups work through the school secretary, or get reimbursed through the treasurer.

Somehow, the school needs to make it known that you are the “Official Pizza of ABC School District”.

I also donate to all the Local schools for fundraisers and everything.

Years ago, One school ordered pies from Outside our school district area.
When i found out, i immediately postponed my generousity for the rest of the year.

I get a visit from the PTA president who comes in and explains that they had a budget.
I say “I pay thousands of dollars in sales taxes and property taxes into our school district” I’ve generously donated free pizzas year round , etc… “To go outside of our area, just baffles me”

I am torn about supporting the local schools the way you guys have. There is no loyalty there in the end. Unless it helps my bottom line, it is not a reciprocal relationship. I hate to come across as stingy, but in the end do they really appreciate it?

Also, both my partner and I educate our own kids even though we pay school taxes. On top of that, the IRS code specifically states that teachers can deduct the cost of classroom supplies… unless they homeschool. So we get no deduction for the hundreds we spend annually on textbooks, supplies and other supplies. Hard to feel sympathy for the tax-exempt PTA.

I have no problem watching the local paper for exemplary students or teams and sending them a hearty congratulations with a free dinner on us. But give substantial discounts just because it is expected? Nah, not for me.

Now that I have come across as a real Scrooge…

I have no problem watching the local paper for exemplary students or teams and sending them a hearty congratulations with a free dinner on us.

I also believe that our employees should show their appreciation to the community that supports us with its patronage. I expect them to perform community service on their own time and during company events to clean parks, etc. If it is in our business area, we will take an active role in helping to make it a better place. Will they be paid? No. This is volunteer work. No one is forced to be there. But then I will not have team members that don’t have the proper appreciation for our customers who spend their hard earned dollars with us.


You are probably right.

On the other hand, 50 of the pies I donated last July went to that school in support of a drive to build a new playground there and I did mention it to the person calling.

No doubt whatever budget she was working from is trying to be careful of the money… but it does nto change the way I feel about it.

the best i will ever do is 10% off and thats it. if someone wants to do it cheaper it’s fine by me. none of us are in business to give away the farm and if cheaper is what they want then go for it. our customers are ours for many different reason and we cannot work for free.

I think we all have experienced the same deal with schools lately. They apparently are not familiar with the meaning of the word loyalty. Several of the schools in our area buy pizza from a competitor now and save an average of less than .25 per pie, but I am the one they come see when they need a donation to give as a door prize or for a fundraiser auction or a full page ad in program or yearbook. I guess I am learning a secondary definition of the word sap.
I don’t believe there should be a direct link between donations to school groups and their business, but consideration should be given to those that support them.

I look at school and church business as a free marketing oppourtunity. I give them about 50% off menu price and they put my pizza in the hands of a lot people that may not have tried it. I don’t expect to make any significant money off these orders, but they don’t cost me any money either. Its more about enhancing our reputation and name recognition.

The decision makers in the schools need to learn that by showcasing the product of our competitors, our ability and desire to continue to financially support their functions is deminished.


Last year I met with the principals of all the local schools right before Christmas. I just stopped by and gave them each a $25.00 gift card to give to the neediest families. At that time I also dropped a bunch of fliers off at the office and told them to keep us in my when ordering for there functions. First of all I was blown away at how surprised people were. They said no one had ever done that before. Second we received a bunch of orders for school Christmas parties. Third it just made me feel REAL good ( I felt like Santa Claus). Im getting ready to do it again next week.

I absolutely do. I guarantee they feel that way about you being local to them.

If I make a donation by my own choice I do not expect anything back at all - thats my choice.

However, if I am asked to supply a prize I always make sure that I enclose menu’s, flyers and a note asking them to consider us for catering at meetings etc.

When it comes to the following year I give prioirty to those who I know have supported/ordered from us.

Without the ‘community’ ordering from us we have no business and therefore can not give out prizes - simple as that. If schools want me to support them then I think it only fair to expect some support back.

I’ve had the PTA “pizza shoppers” call all the time.

They want the best bang for the buck…they pretty much feel that kids think pizza is pizza, so they seem to not have an idea of brand loyalty…shoot, if they had ovens, they’d probably fire off a bunch of Red Barons if the price was right.

The only thing I can offer is to only donate to causes you want, when you can.

Like, I know that during the summer, a lot of you thought that my boss sponsoring my girl’s basketball team would be over the top, and extremely one sided in benefits (only to my team)…BUT, I worked my hiney off making sure to drive our brand, and you know, it did result in a great increase in sales.

Then again, he knew because I was an employee that CARED about his business, it would make much more sense sponsoring US rather than someone he didn’t know.

Now, instead of averaging $200 for lunch, I have had MANY $700 lunches. It’s because of getting the word around.

But, my boss is quite selective in who and what he donates to, and is never rude about it (NOT saying any of you are) when he can’t or won’t.

That seems to be the problem with “charity”…it’s literally like trick or treating. The houses with the best candy are used and abused, but if a new neighbor moves in with more candy, it’s “forget them”.

I think your feelings are valid. That’s a pretty heavy commitment to make if they’re going to respond that way. If I were in that situation, I would quit donating for a school year. Then every time I got a call for a donation, I would just say: “Sorry, I misunderstood and thought that we were going to be supporting each other. I’d rather swap places with Competitor X and have them donate the pizzas and I get the sales.”

That’s pretty good. :lol:

Ooohhh, really pushed a button with me on this topic. I have kids in the school system and have offered them discounts better than my competitors and they still go with someone else. We have volunteered time (as parents) and product and it’s 50-50 whether we get their order.

when we first opened a few years ago, we donated to almost everything that came through the door… and in doing so we get slammed on the towns local website for not donating enough! and how all these people will never buy from us just because of that… I thusly haulted all donations for an entire year. Business actually grew after that.

Since that we have started donating, but only gift certificates, and only to orginazations that show me paperwork of what they do and who it’s for. I’d say we get maybe 5% of those gift cert’s. back.

people make no sence. :roll:

I’m sure I’m in the minority on my feelings on this, possibly because I don’t have any kids yet, but I just don’t understand the need to “support” the school system with freebies and deep discounts. My experience with the public schools has always been much like bodegahwy’s. They take, but don’t feel the need to give back because their cause is so noble.

With property tax on my home, property tax on my business and me and my wife’s state income taxes we paid about $13,000 into the kitty last year. The majority of that (about $8,800 based on how my state divides the money) went to the public schools. I also create 25 jobs where people are paying even more state income tax. I think I do my part to support the schools.

The schools are always at my door looking for handouts despite the fact that I have several fundraiser programs available. I have never had a public school group or team participate in one of my fundraisers. They all just want me to hand over a check.[/i]

Then I am in the minority as well. I don’t see the worth of it.

But then again, I am tired of “Cops/Firefighters/Service Men and Women/Teachers are Heroes”. To me, anyone who gets up in the morning, works hard, and demonstrates their love for others through acts of kindness is a “hero”.

We get these requests frequently also. When we first opened, there were only 3-4 schools in our district, so it wasn’t too hard to donate to each one. Now, there are about 20 schools in the district, many of which are not in our town, so don’t buy from me. We had to cut down on the donations considerably the last few years. We still give Gift Certificates for raffles occasionally, but that’s about all.

Recently had a lady contact me about donating pizzas to the High School Drill Team. I suggested they use one of our fundraisers to raise money for their trip to competition. The answer was “No, we’d rather you donated pizzas for us to sell slices during lunch one day.” The sad fact is that these kids don’t want to put any effort into raising money, they want it given to them on a silver platter.

However, the final straw was a letter we received a couple of weeks ago asking for donations for prizes to give to the kids for, get this, COMPLETING THEIR ASSIGNMENTS AS REQUIRED BY THE TEACHERS. I thought my husband was going to blow a gasket that they wanted to reward the kids for doing their work.

We used to be the only pizza place in town, so we got business from all the school parties and functions. We now have 2 other pizza places in town, plus there’s a CiCis and Little Caesars within 10 miles. I was amazed at the parents who told me they’d rather drive to another town to save $1-$2 a pizza than order from me when I’m not a mile from any of the 4 schools in my delivery area and would be willing to deliver them whenever they wanted.

Like everyone else has stated, there’s absolutely no loyalty from these people. They only look for the cheapest price and forget about quality, much less how much you’ve supported their causes in the past.