Just wanted to share some pics of our new pizza place!!!


Nice toilet :slight_smile:
Very nice. Good Luck

Germ, what’s you floor covering? I like that shade but can tell for sure if it was tiles, sheet or an epoxy…if I get this dream of mine moving forward I want to increase the kitchen’s foot print which will mean new floor covering as well.

Nice floors! They look very easy to keep clean.

Building codes in your area don’t require your hood to have makeup air?

Looks awesome so far - best of luck with the new pizza shop! :smiley:

The flooring is a concrete stain, It is very easy to clean, but a b**** to get it done right, the people whole layed the slab put way too much sealer on it so when i etched it, it did not work as well as it should have, and we used like 4 times more etcher than it called for and it still did not eat up all the sealer, so the floor is coming up in some spots but it i was to do i again, knowing what i know now, it would work great, and its cheap only about 400 bucks for the whole thing

Also i have the make up Air dumping flush with the ceiling, i did not want to install anymore HVAC than i had to, i hate that crap.

Here is a pic of my sweet counter we built in 3 days, and my buddy cut 2 of his fingers off doing so…poor guy






Looks Awsome!! I Love the counter area! Post some pics of the dining area!

Also i have the make up Air dumping flush with the ceiling, i did not want to install anymore HVAC than i had to,

Hi Jokergerm:

Just wondering what CFM you are Exhausting?

What CFM is your make up air unit?

George Mills

Love the counter! It’s unique.
Table saws tend to win in a fight against fingers. :wink:

We dont do dine in really we just to take out delivery we have 4 talbes for waiting and lunch slices, our space is only 865 square feet

JEEZ you should put a warning with that picture and I hope you aren’t making pizza any time soon.

Lol thats not my hand, that was my buddy helping us build the place

He is ok now

My hood exhuast air is about 2400 CFM

I think the make up air is about 3000 CFM if i remember correctly.

Nice job. Dang we were thinking of doing the concrete…after seeing it I wish we would have.

As for the fingers…he has a lifetime of free pizza right? Ouch. Nuff said. :frowning:

No he got lucky, he did not have health insurnace so we put him on L and I. Other wise that would be costing him like 20k

with 2 surgerys and 8 weeks physical therapy

Hi Jokergerm.

I hope you incorporated an a/c system into that make up air unit or it will be pumping 3000 CFM of hot air off the roof into your building in the warmer months. If so it will take a lot of air conditioning to cool down the shop.

Most make up air units heat the air during the cold season but do not cool the incoming air in the summer and the workers roast.

How much A/C did you install?

George Mills

Oh man those pics of the fingers turn my stomach!! That must have been brutal. If I ever do dine in I think I might borrow some of your ideas for the counter… I really like it

quote=“jokergerm”]My hood exhaust air is about 2400 CFM

I think the make up air is about 3000 CFM if i remember correctly.

Hi Jokergerm:

Exhaust sounds low for that size hood. But if your building department ok’ed it thats fine.

As to the make up air unit I hope you got one with a built in refrigeration unit to cool that in coming air. If not you will be pouring 3000 CFM of very hot air off the roof into your shop during warm weather…

Most make up air units are equipped to heat the incoming air during the cooler months but have no refrigeration to cool the hot air being brought in during the summer. You will probably need some substantial A/C to counter balance that incoming hot air if it is not being cooled by a refrigerated unit.

How much A/C do you have?

George Mills

Building department??? is that a joke?

I have built both my stores from the ground, up in 2 different citys and both times the inspectors walked in looked up at the hood and say ok well thats a hood. And signed off on it. they have never looked at anything related to make up air or fans

On the other hand, i got all my stuff from a closed down dominos, so i think it was all setup properly, i dont see dominos messing that one up

Its been about 90 outside all week and with out the AC on my shop is about 79 inside.

With the AC on i can drop that to about 74

Thats not bad for a pizza place

I think my AC is a 3ton

Hi Jokergerm:

There is a national building Code “BOCA”.

We are required, before any construction starts, to submit plans and specifications to the building department, health department and fire marshal.

We just did a job where we had to submit plans to all of the above plus submit 20 additional copies so each member of the city council could have one.

We must before construction starts specify the type of hood, submit its certification, if it has one, specifying exactly the CFM exhausted and the make up air supplied.

After installation the hood is subjected to an air balance test to determine if it is functioning properly and that the building is properly pressurized.

There are a great many more rules and regulations in the BOCA code to assure buildings are properly constructed with the safety of the public as the primary consideration

If your jurisdiction is not complying with the code I would be a bit concerned as to what other rules and building codes they are not checking and enforcing.

George Mills