Kitchen Flooring

I hope to be starting our kitchen remodel soon and was looking at different flooring options. I assume tile is the standard, as that is what has been in every kitchen I have ever worked in. Does anyone else have something different that they use that they like?

Quarry tile is best.

George Mills

get something with a tread in it! saw something like the link in a buffalo wild wings kitchen once and fell in live with it.

That looks interesting tguag. I wonder how something like that would be to clean. I like the idea of tread to lessen possibility of being slippery. But I wonder if it would catch dirt?

Worked in a kitchen way back in my high school days that had that type of flooring. We used a hose to clean the floor, and a mop to clean up the excess water.

I wondered the same thing @Home Town Pizza . but it would be great to not have to worry about falls with tile like that. and it was surprisingly hard to find on the internet. the stuff i saw had like a cross hatch or weave pattern, the stuff in the link looks more like diamond plate.

i have always used VCT tiles in the Kitchen cause i was on a shoe string budget, and its worked great until we got super busy. After 2 Years at the new store its getting pretty worked and i havent had time to properly maintain it. I need to get a seal coat on it soon, its getting bad in there

Now that i can afford it i would do the red tiles george is talking about

I had the quarry tile and hated it… The flour would get in the grout lines and then it seemed impossible to completely get out, then you’d mop and it would turn it into a paste… Seemed like a couple times a month I had to take a stick and scrape out all the gunk that built up in the grout lines… Liked the vct without grout lines better

Love terrazzo, but epoxy floors work great, too!

I can tell you one floor to avoid. My current space at our high school bakery/pizzeria space has epoxy with course grit in it. They poured out the epoxy and then walked with spiked shoes and threw grit down on it to cure. It is a good surface for durability/non slip but forget cleaning it with a mop and even sweeping flour and such is a hassle. It eats mops up with the floor acting like sandpaper and doesn’t get into the crevices which fill up with junk and it takes a 3k scrub brush machine to do a 1/2 way decent job but we have to use the old hand and knees with a scrub brush to really get it clean. Walter

We had new floor tiles put down about 3 years ago using the latest OHS safety tiles out of Italy.
Mistake 1 - Black colour. Shows any and all especially flour and other light colour food stuffs.
Mistake 2 - These tiles
The tiles are approx 15" x 15" and have a rough surface similar to when concreters brush wet laid concrete to get a non slip finish.
Great for safety. Virtually slip proof
An absolute nightmare to clean. Flour and other debris gets into the very small grooves and despite heavy broom cleaning doesn’t lift out.
Mopping also doesn’t lift the soiling out of the grooves, plus it shreds mop heads.
Need to get someone in with an industrial heavy duty rotating brush head cleaning unit in to get the sh1t out of the grooves a couple of times a year. Takes about 3 - 4 hours at a cost around $500. Tried hiring a unit but couldn’t get one that did the job as well as the industrial ones.
Black looks great but shows all dirt.
Tile face even though the tops in OHS standards a b1tch to clean

We have CVT (commercial vinyl tile) in our kitchen. It has been there for 43 years! I have replaced about a dozen tile over the years. Very easy to replace.

Have vinyl tile in our kitchen. It is a white with grey/brown specks in it. The problem with this tile is that it loses it’s wax coating SO QUICKLY! Had the floor “professionally” waxed in March. By May/June it was bad again. We had it “unprofessionally” waxed early August (the guys that work for me). It is already wearing and getting bad. We have waxed this floor many times ourselves and follow the specs properly. I think it is just our heavy traffic now is wearing it out sooner than in the past. I am considering quitting waxing it altogether and just doing a more agressive / bleach mop every night instead.
Anyone have any advice?

We never really had issues with the CVT floor in the old pizza place. Although, I know the wax or sealant the contractor used was very expensive, and there were several coatings applied. I was only a 1/3 partner with a husband and wife (the other 2/3), so I didn’t exactly have much pull with anything or I’d have done it myself. Despite having a lot of traffic and a lot of things being moved around on the floor (tables, cold prep box, etc.), we never really had any problems with it.

Is it just the surface coating you’re having trouble with? Or are you losing tiles also? Is the coating coming up in chips or flakes, or just wearing through?

We have not lost any tiles. The coating just wears through, loses its shine. We are only using a neutral floor cleaner when we mop, nightly. No bleach or degreaser is used when mopping.

I’m assuming you stripped, scrubbed and stripped again before waxing and sealing? And made sure to remove all the stripper and goo?

Yeah, they did that.

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That’s just odd. It’s gotta be bad wax or sealer or something. You’re not moppng with a steel wool mop or anything, are you? lol

We have put this floor down in 3 locations now. They key is to have the contractor tone down the grit a little bit. The first install was full grit and we went thru the shredded mop heads for a few years. It has smoothed out now. The next 2 we cooled it down on the grit and it works perfectly. The crews love it.

We never wax our CVT. When we mop each night, we go over it once to get it wet and then we go over it again to lift the dirt and stains. Waxing the floor would make it too slippery.