Launching "pizzaSAUCY" soon ... ("automatically apply pizza sauce at the touch of a button!")

Hello, Hi everybody.

At the KREA Swiss food equipment factory in Switzerland we are currently developing a new, innovative piece of equipment to automatically apply tomato sauce!

Do you mind you mind to answer the below simple questions?!
It takes 3-4 minutes; that would be very helpful.
You can also mail back to

  1. How much sauce do you use per pizza (oz or grams):
    18inch: (do you offer this size?)

  2. How is your sauce prepared?

  • Delivered as finished product in a bag/box? (size; liters/kilos)
  • Delivered as a concentrate and then mixed?
    Ratio: How many parts water (size; liters/kilos etc.)
  1. Are there granules of herbs & spices added to the sauce?

  2. Is there tomato skin or seeds in the sauce?

  3. How much mozarella cheese do you roughly use as a percentage of sauce?

  4. How is the mozarella supplied?

  • Already grated?
  • Grated by yourself?
  • In what size in Kg?

I am happy to share the video & information with you, once everything is ready!
Thank you very much!! Your input will help us to move forward with our “pizzaSAUCY” innovation …
“for consistent pizza quality results in less time with less material waste” … STAY TUNED!!

BR, Alberto
KREA Swiss