Length of Pick up times on a Friday Night

Just curious as to others experiences and/or thoughts. On Friday nights our establishment really gets slammed now. How long is pick up times on a Friday night at your pizzeria? …and delivery?

Fridays can be pretty brutal for us compared to any other day. Pickup times are usually 30m and delivery goes to 60m.

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Ok, that’s what we typically were too. With this increase in business though, we can not meet those times on a Friday anymore, even if increasing drivers. Our ovens are jam packed and we are putting food out as fast as we possibly can. Our pizza line and other line are getting equally slammed. Our delivery time is seeming more like 60 to 90 minutes, and pick up 30 or so.

Question, do you push your pick up tickets to the front of the line ahead of the delivery tickets?

Those are all normal times. The most important thing is to make sure you are quoting customers the right times. They will be more annoyed otherwise.

We usually quote 20 for pick up and 45 to 60 for delivery. Our average delivery time is 35 minutes. If we get swamped on a certain night we will stretch that out.

We do have morning and afternoon shifts occasionally where we do big order for companies and schools where our quoted time can be as much as 3 hours. I am always shocked as to how many people are fine with that.

Even when slammed it would be pretty unusual for our pick-up times to go past 20 minutes. That would mean our deliveries were past 40 and we don’t often go there.

The past 3 months fridays have been insanely difficult for us the volume of orders has just been way too much, I litteraly dont have enough cooking equipment to keep up and Im absolutely maxed out on space. I have to give 90 minute delivery 30 min pickup times and Im still late sometimes. I havent had a friday in awhile when I didnt have to turn away customers bc were buried
The customers are starting to get pissed. It worries me

I call this a good problem to have. I’ve been fighting this issue for several years now. I’ve been able to tinker things a bit hear and there to improve out systems and get order thru quicker. Still a ways to go but we are getting there. I’m looking a purchasing a Middleby 570 wow triple stack next. It will ad another 150 pizzas per hour to production capabilities. Big bucks though.

How much faster is the bake time supposed to be compared to what you have now?

This is a question for all you big high volume guys…at some point when you have exausted all possible ways to increase capacity and are completely maxed out, do you maybe increase prices and lose some customers but increase your margins and provide better service to those willing to pay a premium? Or do you just try to give accurate quoted times and hope your customers will deal with the long wait?

I’m nowhere near that point, just curious how you guys deal with that problem.

…or open another store!

The WOW ovens we run at 5:00. The old ps555 we run at 6:00. Combine that with longer bake chamber gets you another 50 14" pizzas per hour, per oven.

normal waits are 20min pickup & 45 delivery…by 6:00 on Friday it always hits 45 pickup & 75-90 delivery. Have exhausted all methods of efficiency and just cannot handle more…good problem to have just pisses me off, but I know it is because we offer a full menu and also get backed up with dine-in orders (seat up to 150)

All you guys with too much business to handle smoothly… time to either invest in increased capacity (like the ovens discussion above) or raise prices!

We do between 30 and 40 min. Our fryers get really jammed up and it slows us down. Deliveries are “we will try to have it there within an hour”. It’s Friday, people in my area understand.

We do not push pick up tickets ahead of delivery. We are making them in the order they come in.

We do, however, push walk in orders ahead. They show up next on the screen (2nd) if an order is on the screen.

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Ok, sounds like you are in the same boat we are in.

Totally understand!

We do sometimes have to push dine-in tickets ahead or they would be waiting forever.