Looking for a new CC payment Processor

I’m tired of dealing with customer service at RBS Link. From what I have read, Heartland seems to be a good choice. Does anyone have a contact or a recommendation?


We use Elavon, used RBSLynk previously.

Never had an issue with either. In fact, I’m pretty sure I haven’t had to call a CC processor customer service ever.

Just curious, but what issues are you havin that you need to call customer service for?

Generally its the attitude of stonewalling and not being helpful.

My store used to be part of a chain account – different ownership but the processing was set up as just another location. This started presenting problems so last year I had it separated to be “completely” apart. That was a huge ordeal to begin with as I was told I was not authorized to speak with them even though I had set everything up to begin with. With the help of my rep I did get through it – or least least I thought I did.

After going through my bank records recently, I noticed they have been billing me $29.99 a month for the old account as a minimum fee. Called this morning about it and they told me their notes don’t match my story and I am not authorized to do anything about the $30 a month they are taking from my checking account.

I kept restating what happened, thinking they didn’t understand what I said, and all they could repeat is:

“our notes don’t match what you are saying”
“your records do not match with the account billing in question”

I finally lost it and let a little profanity go (I know this does not help my case) and asked to speak to a manager. She said she was doing that and was just put on indefinite hold. I can handle mistakes and mishaps but the stonewalling attitude and lack of any interest in fixing the situation exacerbates me.

I switched to RBS from Heartland because my local rep was such an a$$hole. Multiple times had shown up to my store drunk causing problems. When I needed some blank slips for imprints because my machine died he showed up a week later after telling me he would be there in an hour. Now a new Heartland rep is offering me cost plus 6 cents and I will not give him the time of day. I would stop taking credit cards before switching back to Heartland!

Lol, I have just the opposite problem. I like my rep. I imagine the grass is not going to be any if much greener.

I got set up with RBS through Scott who was posting on here for a while as RBSlynkman or something similar. Any time I’ve needed something he’s come through for me, but It’s been a year or so since I’ve had to call.

They are all crap. They all lie, cheat and steal. There soul purpose in life is to your money and give you as little possible in return. Don’t think switching is going to help, you are just getting rid of old crap and taking on new crap. I use Heartland by the way. They are crap.


woah, 2 pizzapirates on the same thread lol.

Anywho, I’ve heard nothing good about heartland. And I’m def not a big fan of the snooty, come-on-strong salesman they send over here thinking he’s god gift to all my prayers lol.

Forgot to mention I use metavante, no problems, good customer service, good rates.

Pizza Pirate,

Check out: http://transfs.com/

These guys got me the best deal. I’m saving about $90 a month.

They got me 10cents a transaction, $10 Statement fee, No batch fee, Interchange plus pricing, and NO CONTRACT. I’m free to leave whenever i want.


come one now, tell me how you really feel, lol.

Kind of the feeling I get, however.

We use heartland. No complaints. 6 cents per transactions, no batch fee, interchange pricing.

Three years and three processors… Getting better as we come along.

#2 was Heartland. Had them for 8 months. When I switched to them, my fees dropped about 40% from the prior processor, so I was happy. One thing that bothered me, was they introduced me to ‘charge-back.’ Within the first month, they sent a nice letter explaining the ‘charge-back’ process, even though I had not had one in my first 12 months. Within 2 months I had my first, and totaled 5 by the end of our business together. When I called to drop them, the agent on the other side was real snotty and talked as if the $250 termination fee would keep me from dropping them. WRONG!

#3 and current: Global payment systems. All I can say is sweet! During my system upgrade last winter: going from 1 POS to 4 stations and a server, I added Card Readers to each terminal and went with Global’s add-on software. Heck, I recovered the Heartland fee within the first 2 months of slow sales. Average cost is down another 40% over Heartland! And this proved especially important this year as plastic sales increased from 27% to 39.8% of total sales. OH yeah, magically - no more charge-backs…

Wasn’t there a processor woman that posted on here a little bit?

I use Mercury Payment Systems. They are a subsidiary of Global. I love Global! Great rates and service reps are very professional. Mercury has a terrific gift card program. We sold over 700 Gift cards this year. That is why I deal with them.

We use MPS also. I’m told their gift card program is basically FREE to customers, so that’s also something to think about. I’ve never NOT been nailed on a chargeback no matter if the card was present, the pizza was delivered to the customer’s house, or even when we’ve gathered fingerprints and retinal scans from the thief - but I’ve heard that’s an industry standard. I’ve never had any problems with calling their customer service.

So, Mercury is the Diet Coke of Evil: Only one calorie.

I don’t understand the implication that a processor has control over chargebacks.

In a chargeback situation, the processor is just playing the middleman - they can’t “accept” or “deny” a chargeback without going through the same rules (VISA for example) as every other processor.

How does one processor have “less chargebacks” vs. another?


First, you’re probably far more experienced with processors than I am. But, I’m a quick learner, and in my experience one thing leaps forward: Its odd that for an 8 month period, I received 5 charge-backs from a processor who delayed reporting a major security breach, and yet ZERO charge-backs from 2 different processors over a 21 month period.

All banks are legit, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if Heartland sold account information to crooks and then double collected off the transaction. They would never provide details of what bank was presenting the charge-back. If I knew that every charge-back was from ‘E-Bay VISA’ I’d stop accepting anything from ‘E-Bay.’

Could it be that the same jacka$$ filed a chargeback on 5 transactions he had with you and all five of these happened while you were with Heartland? I tend to get chargebacks in groups all from the same “customer”. Either someone had their card stolen and the thieves order pizza a bunch of times with it, or someone knows how to beat the system and they order a bunch of times and then contact their CC company and claim to not know about the transactions, thereby getting their orders refunded by the credit card company. These are usually the same customers that we stop accepting checks from after they bounce a few to us.

Are you saying your processor does provide these details?

Maybe some processors make an effort to prevent fraud or investigate? I called RBS Link last year to discuss some chargebacks and they listened to me but I could tell they were really not interested. There was no remark of how they would look into what I provided them or anything. I just dropped the issue because from what I understand there is no motivation for them to do anything about it anyway. We are out the money and they get the chargeback fee.

Unfortunatly, there is very little motivation for anyone, police, Visa/MC/Discover/Amex, your processor, or the issuers bank to do anything about it. The only one out a penny in this fiasco is the merchant! But yet as far as the police are concerned, the merchant isn’t a victim so the merchant can not request that charges be filed. I have had all the info necessary for the police to arrest someone in possession of multiple stolen credit card numbers but they don’t want that info from me.