Looking for a new CC payment Processor


I’d like to say it was the same customer, but it wasn’t. Five different folks, at least that’s what their ID at the time said. My point was, if all the charge-backs were from CHASE BANK VISA, I’d stop accepting CHASE cards - period. But, Heartland wouldn’t give me the bank details… go figure. Its just plain theft! And there’s nothing you can do about it, short of not accepting plastic, which can be a difficult decision when it accounts for nearly 40% of your sales.

I will say by using the advice from my good friends here on PMQ, I dropped rbs lynk, gfs works with fifth3rd, I am on interchange plus and got a great gift card system. I am very happy so far. saving about 175 a month.
on a side note can I have anybody do my gift cards and use them with the system?

I use Profit Point and like them