Looking Like My Oven Is Going To Sink Me

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed. I never had to deal much with equipment because we bought an operating shop, but you have to learn at some point I guess.

I already had a special event planned to promote our online ordering this weekend (I just wish MPS would get our credit card payment system going on the website). I think I’m going to kick the MM back on for that during peak times and use the little Lincoln too, then try and break down the MM Sunday morning and try and get it out from the wall so I can get inside and see what the situation is. Then start looking at options, crossing my fingers that it’s a simple repair, but I doubt it.

Sorry to kind of highjack the thread, but I saw this comment and, as a former attorney with experience in commercial real estate, I hope you mean you are negotiating a 5 year lease with 3 renewals or something similar. There are almost no situations where I would recommend a 20 year lease for an independent restraunteur.

Again, sorry to highjack the thread, but just wanted to look out for a fellow Independent…

Patrick Cuezze