MagnetsUSA - What a Joke

I saw an ad in the other pizza magazines “product showcase” for MagnetsUSA. The new product caught my eye. It is a postcard with a magnet strip on it and has space for 5 coupons. They were reasonable priced and was called “self mailer”.

I ordered 1000 and paid for a custom design. During the design process I asked for a proof of the back and was told that it was blank. So I asked if I can just ad labels and stick in the mail. I was told I could affix an address label and a 27 cent stamp and drop in the mail.

After receiving the postcards I went to the post office to double check that I could send them with the magnets on them. I was told that they didn’t know and had to send it to a postcard designer for the USPS and let me know. After a few days I got a call saying that it can not be sent with postcard postage because it is too thick because of the magnet. I would have to pay 42 cent postage for them.

I emailed MagnetsUSA and told them that their ad was misleading and it cannot be sent as a postcard and they told me “no where on our website or our catalogs do we advertise this product as a post card mailer”
I replied with this,
“In the Pizza Today magazine ad that I first saw the product in (Aug 2008 issue on page 85) says “MagnetsUSA Introduces the Magnetic Pizza Coupon POSTCARD”.”

I was then told, “The Pizza today magazine does refer to our self mailer as a postcard coupon. Postcard used in this reference was geared toward the size and shape of the self-mailer. Magnets USA does not refer to this postcard self mailer as mailing for the ‘postcard postal rate’. In order to meet USPS postal rate of a postcard, the piece of mail can not exceed 4 1/4" high and 6" long. The piece also can not have a magnet on it.”

So now I am stuck with $150 more in postage. I will never order from this company again. If you need magnets get them from Royster. (I asked him first if he had a product like this, he didn’t)


Thanks for the heads up.

Sorry to hear the bad news and thanks for the mention of my name…I will have to look around to see if I can find a product that can be mailed…

I’ve heard of that company before, but never did business with them. I use a company in NC who does really nice magnets and “postcard” mailers. We always do business cards and magnetic word puzzles… which customers (and their kids) love! Here’s their website…
I have found that alot of these magnets companies claim to be cheap, and then you end up with a magnet that’s ridiculously thin… just my two cents:) good luck with your postcards…

i’ve recently used “magnetic attractions” for my bus.card mags and got sold on a frig mag w/a word puzzle and bus.card combo…great mags…timely shipping…very knowlegable sales people…i worked with a great lil gal named christina…what a firecracker…overall great experiance…will use again…btw…the puzzle mag went faster then the reg. bus.card mags

Re: MagnetsUSA - What a Joke- RESOLVED

After complaining about this issue to MagnetUSA in August, I hadn’t heard anything from them regarding my complaint. I forgot about it and thought it didn’t matter that I felt mislead my the company. On Friday I got a call from an account rep for MagnetsUSA saying that she had been working on my complaint with upper mangegment and wanted them to do something about it. She told me that the had changed their ad so that it wasn’t misleading and was going to refund my credit card for the intire order and the $150 of additional postage.

It great to see a company do something like this.


Re: MagnetsUSA - What a Joke- RESOLVED

Ya but why did it take so long?..I try to resolve my issues immediately…I may not always like how my issues end, but at least they do not linger…Fortunately I do not seem to have many…

Re: MagnetsUSA - What a Joke- RESOLVED

Even after the refund I am still going to recommend Royster to anyone who needs magnets. I think that he has been a valuable member in the ThinkTank and will not ruin his reputation in any way.