Mercury Payment and Point of Success, I GOT ISSUES HERE!

Just out of curiosity Integraoligist, Does your CC processing run over the phone or thru your internet ? And if it is thru the interenet, have you ever modified your DNS provider in your router/modem ?

The reason i ask, when i used to work IT, our VPN’s would not work in CO because the local DNS provider thru comcast had broken routes in their tables. Sometimes you could get a connection, sometimes not. I had this same problem happen randomly at my store, once i tracked the problem down to Revention CC manager not being able to get a good route, i modified the DNS entry in the router to use googles DNS, and then it worked perfectly (which was about a year ago now, never had the issue again).

Yes it’s through the internet and yes we have always used Googles and and never had an any internet issue.

Well from what i have read, i would agree with you that it is them. If they do not have another server to contact i guess it would be time to find a new one.